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The Tale of Big Pharma- Bayer (IG Farben), FDA and the AIDS virus

by Milos Pokimica ND

by Milos Pokimica ND

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"Bayer paid hundreds of millions of dollars to end a three-decade-long scandal in which the company sold HIV-contaminated blood to hemophiliacs, thousands of whom later died of AIDS. "

Nutritional science had explained all of the connections regarding diseases of affluence and animal food consumption decades ago. Most of our number one killers are preventable but there is no interest in changing the current line of business. All of the available science will be kept out of the public and in reality, it does not matter.

What most people are aware of is just propaganda. Doctors are good, they have to pledge a Hippocratic oath, there are there to heal you and help you, and of course one day the medicine is going to deliver us from all diseases. Usually, when people are confronted with the real history behind big pharma and realize the truth that government itself has a network for suppressing the science and that individual men’s interest is not its primary goal, they usually say that it is all in the past. Today we have more democracy and freedoms with better governmental control and so on.

The answer is no. We have even fewer freedoms than after WW2. We have been brainwashed in the schools and by the media infused with psychological research for social control, but nothing else is different. The same structure exists and has been existing from not just middle age but even before that.

I will give one more recent example. You’d probably never know that Bayer (IG Farben) paid “tens of millions” of dollars to end a three-decade-long scandal in which the company sold HIV-contaminated blood products to hemophiliacs, thousands of whom later died of AIDS. Bayer is eventually forced into signing checks to individuals that acquired AIDS because, in the 1980s, the Cutter Biological section of Bayer neglected federal law and recruited gay men with high risk and intravenous drug users, and prisoners as donors of the blood that Cutter later used to produce Factor VIII and IX. It is a drug, the clotting product, that hemophiliacs need in order to not bleed to death. In 1997 Bayer was sentenced to pay 600 million into a compensation fund for hemophiliacs with HIV. About 20,000 individuals caught HIV from the blood.

640 million settlement 8-16-96s
640 million settlement

Ironically, Bayer’s new hemophilia iPhone app got some coverage, as did Bayer’s hemophilia research grant to the University of Florida.

On July 16, 1982, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggested that three hemophiliacs had acquired AIDS. Epidemiologists began to think that the virus was spreading through hemophiliac medication that they inject once every week. Medication was made from large pools of donated plasma from different people. Much of which was collected before mandatory HIV testing, often from homosexuals and drug users and in some prisons. Without an infection test, they had no way to determine does the plasma donors carried the virus. In January 1983, the manager of Bayer’s Cutter Biological department confirmed in a letter that:

 “There is strong evidence to suggest that AIDS is passed on to other people through … plasma products.”

These letters surfaced in trials and were found by some of the investigative journalists that later broke the story public. By May 1983, a Cutter competitor started producing a heat-treated concentrate that killed the virus, so France for example, and many other countries decided to halt all clotting concentrate imports. Cutter worried about losing consumers, so according to an enclosed memo: “want to give the impression that we continue improving our product without telling them that soon we were also going to have a heat-treated” concentrate.  By June 1983, a Cutter letter to distributors to 20 countries said that:

“AIDS has become the center of irrational response in many countries” and that “This is of particular concern to us because of unsubstantiated speculations that certain blood products may transmit this syndrome.”

They lied, and many countries were still using an old concentrate. In February 1984, Cutter became the last of the four major blood product companies to get US approval to sell heated concentrate. They waited as long as possible. Still even after Cutter started to sell the new product, still for several more months, they continued making the old medicine. The reason was that the corporation had several fixed-price contracts and thought that the old product would be cheaper to produce. Bayer officials (responding on behalf of Cutter) responded with another lie: “because some customers doubted the new drug’s effectiveness,” some nations were slow to support registration of the new drug. Then they lied by telling that they had a shortage of plasma, which is used to make the medicine. For example, Taiwan was one country that still received the old HIV-infected drug.  Hsu Chien-wen, an official at Taiwan’s health department, told in 2003 that Cutter had not appealed for approval to sell the heated medicine until July 1985. That was for an entire year and a half after doing so in the United States. In Hong Kong, for example, Cutter did not even need approval but only an import license in the 1980s to be able to import and sell the newer product in which normally takes one week. A company meeting notes that:

“There is excess inventory,”

that, in reality, produced the company resolving to:

“Review international markets again to determine if more of this product can be sold.”

Because of the lack of control and corruption Cutter decided to dispose of stockpiles of older HIV-positive drugs to third world countries while selling the new, safer product in the West. If some of the people catch AIDS well, they can take Aspirin for pain. And of course, there are all third world countries, so it is going to go well with eugenic programs of depopulation of the planet. When hemophiliacs in Hong Kong all of the sudden start to test positive for HIV, local physicians raised the question of whether Cutter was dumping “AIDS tainted” medicine into less-developed countries. Cutter rejected the accusation, insisting that older drug had “no severe hazard risk” and was, in fact, the “same fine product we have supplied for years.” Hong Kong did not believe the lie, and when the local distributor asked for the newer product, Cutter responded that all of the new product was going to the US and Europe. For Hong Kong, and other third-world countries they could make an exception for a small amount for the “most vocal patients.” Meaning influential people that could potentially make a problem for them. So if you are a son of a politician, they will give you new safe stuff. 

The United States Food and Drug Administration helped to keep the news out of the public eye. Government is not there to protect you and never had been. In May 1985, the FDA’s regulator of blood products, Harry M. Meyer Jr., considering the companies had violated a voluntary arrangement to remove the old drug from the market, called directors of the corporations and directed them to comply. Cutter’s internal notes from their meeting show that Meyer required that the issue is:

“Quietly solved without alerting the Congress, the medical community and the public”

also noted that the FDA wanted the matter solved “quickly and quietly.” Also at that time, Cutter official wrote that:

“It appears there are no longer any markets in the Far East where we can expect to sell substantial quantities of nonheated-treated medicine.”

They sell the AIDS-tainted medicine as long as possible with no empathy. The effects of all of this are impossible to calculate because there was no test for HIV, so we do not know how many people were infected with HIV before Cutter began selling its safer medicine or afterward. Cutter also sold the old medicine in Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore after February 1984. Cutter shipped more than 100,000 vials of unheated concentrate, worth more than $4 million after it began selling the safer product. The sales continued partly because of Cutter’s desire to deplete stocks of the older medicine, and partly because of fixed-price contracts, for which the company believed the older product would be cheaper to make.  U.S. Justice Department had never investigated any corporate executives. Bayer in the past even marketed heroin for children. That is the level of psychopathic nature of these people.

Bayer heroin


Passages selected from a book: “Go Vegan? Review of Science: Part 2” [Milos Pokimica]

(1) Blood money: Bayer’s inventory of HIV-contaminated blood products and third world hemophiliacs DOI: 10.1080/08989621.2014.882780

(2) Haemophilia patients launch action against Bayer over contaminated blood products doi: 10.1136/bmj.326.7402.1286-g

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October 26, 2021


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