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Eugenics is a form of philosophy that aims at improving the genetic quality of a human population. It began with Plato suggesting applying the same principles of selective breeding that give rise to an increased yield of crops after the Neolithic Revolution to humans themselves around 400 BCE.

Milos Pokimica

The tale of Big Pharma- Eugenics

The connections between the pharmaceutical industry, medical establishments, and their agenda pushed under the umbrella of the UN for the destruction of the natural healthcare industry, and natural supplement access is finishing blow in a war on plants that last for more than 100 years by now. The worst-case scenario for Codex Alimentarius, if it...

Milos Pokimica

The tale of Big Pharma- Fritz ter Meer, UN, and Codex Alimentarius

War on plants had been waged by industry monopolists for entire last century, and the final chapter is already written in the UN. They did this already to the empirics and natural healers at the beginning of the 20th century but did not target individual people. Now they are going to and have already started...

Milos Pokimica

Patented Medicine, Herbal Remedies, and FDA approval

Bayer (IG Farben) paid “hundreds of millions” of dollars to end a three-decade-long scandal in which the company sold HIV-contaminated blood products to hemophiliacs, thousands of whom later died of AIDS. Bayer is eventually forced into signing checks to individuals that acquired AIDS because, in the 1980s, the Cutter Biological section of Bayer neglected federal...

Milos Pokimica

The Tale of Big Pharma- Bayer (IG Farben), FDA and the AIDS virus

Today your health and well-being are a concern of the state not your own. It is a necessary mechanism (the law). However there is one big secret and that is that the state works with Big Pharma behind your back, so Big Pharma is the one that is in charge and makes all the money...

Milos Pokimica

The tale of Big Pharma- Rockefeller monopoly

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