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Allopathic Medicine- The Rise of an Industry

by Milos Pokimica ND

by Milos Pokimica ND

Learn About Nutrition

"The balance of medical branches remained equal to about the turn of the 20th century when new medical treatments emerged that were potentially very profitable."

Around 100 years ago modern allopathic medicine was finally able to neutralize so-called empirical doctors or holistic or natural healers. They were called empirical because they have been utilizing only empirical observation without any form of science. Knowledge was carried down from one generation to another in the form of natural herbal and another form of folk medicine. In the 1800s society was split between two forms of medicine and there was the regulation of both forms with laws and restrictions equally. Patients had a choice of using both forms of treatment, the allopaths, and the empirics. The allopathic (modern) doctors called their approach heroic medicine and believed in the use of poisons to aggressively treat diseases. They called their practice scientific theory. They used three main techniques.

  1. They bled the body to drain out the bad toxins like in the middle ages. During the plague of the middle ages, treating practice was to cut open the veins leading to the heart. This, in their mind, should allow the disease to leave the body. The swellings associated with the Black Death also were cut open to allow the disease to leave. They continued to use this form of practice.
  2. Then they give huge doses of toxic heavy metals like mercury and lead to displacing the original disease.
  3. They also used surgery which was the best method of them all. They scientifically studied human anatomy and believed in the same principle of aggressively treating diseases by cutting them out.
Good old days of allopathic medicine- Bloodletting

Empirical doctors believed in the natural human body’s potential for self-healing and did not use any form of surgery. They did not even allow for the piercing of the human skin in any form. So they never practiced surgery. At that time that was a brutal method without anesthetics and infection control. Even bad teeth were life treating and painful removal procedures without antibiotics. Allopaths did that surgery too. At that time most patients feared allopathic methods altogether and on not so rare occasions patients did die from the cure. Empiric healers contrary to the doctors believed in stimulating the body’s defenses to heal itself instead. They used vegetable products, herbs, and nontoxic substances in small quantities too. Usually, if treatment was not successful, they did not aggravate the state of the disease, and if the patient did die, he died from the disease itself not the cure like mercury or bleeding.

The balance and coexistence of both medical branches remained equal to about the turn of the century when the new medical treatments emerged that were potentially very profitable.

The American Medical Association was joined and influenced by strong financial and controlling forces and transformed medicine into the industry. International banking cartel or in personal names Rockefeller, Morgan, and Carnegie financed surgery, radiation, and synthetic drugs. Carnegie in later time sold out all of his businesses to Morgan and became a philanthropist. Rockefeller and Morgan were some of the founders and stockholders of the Federal Reserve (a private bank that still controls the US and global economy to large extent) and were also heavy industry and oil industry monopolists. They were to become the business foundations of the new medical industry. 

A takeover of the medical schools allowed for a takeover of the entire medical industry. Carnegie, in particular, came into the picture and said that he would put finances. They invested tremendous amounts of money into the founding of the new industry, in particular into the schools that were complacent about cooperating with them. For the money, they spent they had a request to put some of their people into a board of directors to see that their money is spent wisely. What happens was that all of the major universities received large grants from these people and also accepted one or more of these people on the board of directors. Now, they were not there to spread science and learning in pursuit of social well-being and human happiness. They were put there as a larger scheme of plans to ensure the interest of the bankers. Almost overnight schools were taken over. The schools did get large amounts of money, and they did spend it on new expensive equipment and build new buildings and new laboratories and hired more researchers and teachers. However, at the same time, they sold their interest to the growing industry called medicine dominated by newly founded pharmaceutical companies. Physicians from that time onward in history would be taught pharmaceutical drugs and allopathic forms of interventional medicine for the benefit of the private financial interest of the international banking cartel lead by Rockefellers and Morgan.

First Rockefeller Foundation at a retreat in Rockland, Maine, July 1915
General Educational Board, the first Rockefeller Foundation at a retreat in Rockland, Maine, July 1915

On the picture, you can see trustees of the General Educational Board, the first Rockefeller Foundation at a retreat in Rockland, Maine, July 1915. Besides Rockefeller, in the middle, you can also see for instance Charles W. Eliot (former president of Harvard University), Harry Pratt Judson (President of the University of Chicago), and many other “important” individuals that just by meeting in such arrangement have created something known as a conflict of interest. 

It is amazing how little money took to do it. By that time surgery became a more important aspect of allopathic medicine because of anesthesia and infection control and doctors advocated more and more the use and research into expensive operations as a cure for every disease where it can be implemented. Then the large and lucrative hospital system was constructed and radium fever swept medicine. The price of radium rose 1000% overnight. The drug industry grew from booming patented medicine. The schools changed education standards and licensing regulations to exclude empirics. Only AMA-approved doctors could legally practice medicine. The media campaign was launched to spread fear and associate empirics with quacks and danger. From that time and to this day schools of medicine represent an interest of the banking cartel and not the interest of individuals.

Unfortunately, the medical “industry” and the government also has been taken over by special interests and that is the same situation to this day. Ans it was really simple. First Rockefeller, Morgan, and Carnegie gained control of the teaching system. Then they gave AMA power to exclude all of the empirics and doctors do not like from practicing. Then took over entire drug testing process by heavily influencing medical publication that reviews those drugs and has control of the regular media. Finally, they extended their control over FDA that supposed to verify those drug’s safety and efficacy.

The average doctor in medical school today gets a great education, he knows a lot about drugs and surgery, but he does not know one damn thing about nutrition. And he has learned to associate nutrition with quackery and to keep his mouth shut and go with industry guidelines for fear of losing his six-figure salary. He has learned that the only thing that matters is what the big book from which he learns in school told him because that is science and everything else is evil. The average doctor is in the same mindset as someone that has been indoctrinated into the religious cult. He had a fear of death if he starts to think outside of the industry guidelines literary.

more doctors smoke camels
Good old days of allopathic medicine- What cigarettes do you smoke, Doctor?

There exists a high probability that he will lose his job for trying to help people. Then he is going to lose his house and then he is not going to be able to pay his student loan. Even if he knows what is going on eventually, he will accept the system and will defend it. He will give a Hippocratic oath, but he is not a real empiric doctor as Hippocrates himself was. For example, Hippocrates had forbidden his students to pierce the human skin on all occasions. Doctors of today all the complete opposite. They will even consciously do you harm if that is what they were told to do. At the bare minimum, they will just be indifferent.

Even to this day, the doctors are targeted for telling the truth. They learn in college to keep their mouth shut. Dr. John McDougall’s story was a good example (https://www.drmcdougall.com/). He was almost thrown out of medical school on a couple of occasions because he had a hard time keeping his mouth shut. Then he was almost thrown out of residency when he lost his cool after seeing one patient who had his third heart attack. He told the patient that he does not have a bright future if he does not shift to a starch-based diet of fruits and vegetables. His chief of Medicine called him in for a chat and told him that he embarrassed his attending doctor by talking about food and that he should never do that again if he needs to hold any job in the future. So he shut up for a while, and after he got his “ticket” the chief of Medicine for the residency University of Hawaii Dr. Schatz called him in again, and he said:

“You know McDougall, I like you. I like your wife and your children. I think you have a great family, but I am afraid you are going to starve to death with your crazy ideas about a vegetarian diet. You are not going to work anywhere, and the only patient you will ever collect are a bunch of bums and hippies.”

This is the same way that any form of organized crime functions thru different forms of intimidation toward your family. McDougall told him he had a big fat abdomen but that he has to look himself in the mirror and that he will not treat chronic diseases with drugs and surgery. For people who do not know today open heart surgery cost is: $324,000. You just cannot make that kind of profit with the selling of sweet potatoes. McDougall’s problem was that he was raised in a poor American family where the highest principles were honesty, so he probably did not fit well in the medical industry. Fortunately, he was not that big to became a real target, so he lived a full life. He later wrote the book named The Starch Solution .

I just use his situation as an example of the functioning of the entire system. Industry targets systematically every conceivable threat with no exception. This was 1978, and to this day the situation is the same. McDougall even gets kicked out of the Obesity Medicine Conference in San Francisco in 2016. He was asked to talk at the conference but the medical conference people required all the speakers to submit the slides and videos for approval. Initially, they thought that his approach was based on the Mediterranean diet but when they realized that it is not Mediterranean diet they thought that it was, the full meat, alcohol, and cheese false Mediterranean diet and that instead, it was really poor people low-fat vegan starch-based diet (https://goveganway.com/mediterranean-diet-wonder-of-olive-oil/). They uninvited him with the excuse that he is not willing to be “politically correct”. He also got a law passed in 2011. He testified before the Senate Committee on the need to educate medical students on human nutrition. The bill was SB 380 Continuing medical education. It was passed in California Congress, and it was signed by Governor so it became the law in California to force the 11 medical schools too must teach nutrition to medical students. However, the medical industry does not have an interest in healing the people, so the implementation of the law was given to the Medical Board in California.

They fulfill the law by putting one paragraph in their newsletter once a year about nutrition.

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Passages selected from a book: “Go Vegan? Review of Science: Part 2” [Milos Pokimica]

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October 21, 2021


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