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The tale of Big Pharma- Fritz ter Meer, UN, and Codex Alimentarius

by Milos Pokimica ND

by Milos Pokimica ND

Learn About Nutrition

"The worst-case scenario for Codex Alimentarius, if it were to be implemented, is complete suppression of vitamin, mineral, and other supplements. "

Fritz ter Meer, born in 1884, was a board member of IG Farben from 1925. Fritz ter Meer was the son of Edmund ter Meer (1852–1931), who established the chemical company Teerfarbenfabrik Dr. E. ter Meer & Cie in Uerdingen. This company was included in 1925 as a part of IG Farben. He was personally included in the preparation of the Monowitz concentration camp.

Fritz ter Meer

It was a new Auschwitz camp constructed for I.G. Farben. He was also responsible for helping build the IG Farben Buna Werke factory at Auschwitz, which conducted human experiments both for the war effort and for developing new drugs for IG Farben and held some 25,000 slave laborers under deplorable conditions. Meer was tried at the Nuremberg IG Farben Trial and was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment. Which is nothing for the war crimes he was accused of and was involved in. When he was questioned whether he had thought the tests on live people in Auschwitz are justified, he answered that this was irrelevant:

“They were prisoners thus no particular harm was inflicted, as they would have been killed anyway.”

Well, no lies there but also a high level of psychopathy. Fritz ter Meer and twenty-six other I. G. Farben implies stayed strongly engaged in what the Germans called “the killing of useless eaters” or people who are alive but not deserving to live. They produced the compounds like the gas, Zyklon B, used to kill prisoners. However, you already by now know this. What you do not know is that during a time in prison, Fritz ter Meer theorized that using food as a weapon was the key to achieving world domination. He concluded that: “He who controls food, can control the world.” He was right completely. By the guidance of Nelson Rockefeller, Fritz ter Meer’s, and all other sentenced IG Farben managers were “rescued” from jail already in 1952. Not only that, they had reassumed positions in the highest levels of German industry. After his release war criminal Fritz ter Meer was appointed jet again as a board member of Bayer in 1955 and, in 1956 was appointed a chairman of Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Like nothing had happened. He died in 1967 and what Bayer did? Bayer named the student foundation after him. He had a plan forged in prison. He assembled all of the executives of former I. G. Farben, recommending a greater plan. They agreed and wrote the letter to urge the United Nations to take over the regulation of world food. Fifteen years after the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal they were planning world food domination as an act of population control. This actually happened.

The UN response was “what a good idea.”

As a response to a letter and political pressure in 1962, the Codex Alimentarius Commission was formed. In 1963, already they started to create the standards and guidelines that we are going to be obligatory in the future. They began to regulate everything that goes into your mouth: water, food, minerals or vitamins, or something else. If it goes into your mouth, then there is a standard for it. However, in reality, they have different agenda that is different from the public one of protecting the consumers. Codex, for example, allows pesticides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), irradiation of food, and restricts supplements. For example, in July of 2007, the Codex Committee on pesticides brought back seven of the nine banned and deadliest known pesticides in the world. The U.S. is as I write this constructing 200 radiation plants to irradiate every bite of food so that the U.S. can be in line with Codex guidelines. Here is one more example. FDA analysis and other studies have always shown that consumers do not like to buy genetically modified or irradiated food. The FDA to correct this false, unscientific opinion of stupid consumers wants to prevent the consumers from making the wrong choice. FDA believes that truthful labeling would be false and misleading.

Truth is false. That is Orwellian doublespeak. FDA believes that they know how to take care of you instead of you. Your life is in the hand of certified professionals. It is not your choice.

In another word, Codex forbids the labeling of GMOs.

You might don’t know this but when you buy meat or any other product if it is GMO or irradiated you would not know that because there is no labeling. If you know how in reality the things are done and you know all the connections between the Rockefellers and the UN, as well as the common belief system of eugenics and population reduction, then you can understand the policies of eugenics that had been written in the architecture of Codex Alimentarius. The plans of a one-world global society built upon eugenics were not born with Adolph Hitler, and they certainly did not die with him. Codex, after all, is an organization created under the FAO and WHO, which are both under the jurisdiction of the UN.
The connections between the pharmaceutical industry, medical establishments, and their agenda pushed under the umbrella of the UN for the destruction of the natural healthcare industry, and natural supplement access is finishing blow in a war on plants that last for more than 100 years by now.

The worst-case scenario for Codex Alimentarius, if it were to be implemented, is complete suppression of vitamin, mineral, and other supplements. How are they going to do it? They are going to decide what is standard and what can be produced. So if they decide that RDA for some vitamins is in the range, they like any supplement that has higher potency will be dangerous for health and will be forbidden for manufacturing and sales as a dangerous product. All of the high-potency dietary supplements that we can buy today will be no longer on the market. What you would see are low potency supplements that don’t do anything. Codex is going along with the industry by pushing GMOs, poisoning us with Melamine, poisoning us with Ractopamine led alone fluoride but have a big concern with overdosing on vitamins.

The move by Codex to put maximum permissible limits on vitamins is what? What is it? Evil agenda or consumer protection? I am paranoid, so I know my answer.

The levels they want are so small that they are below the line for the prevention of chronic deficiency diseases. For example, I take around 5000 IU of vitamin D daily. The maximum level permitted by Codex is 10 IU. Ten. One more thing.

If I believe that there are studies that had showed that the amount of 5000 IU vitamin D daily is most beneficial I am not allowed to read them or have access to them because an official medical line is different and they are concern that consumers will hurt themselves. So anything that is different from the medical line of accepted medicine is forbidden to be spread as a health danger and hazard.

Free speech is an American fantasy, soon to be over. The Codex forbids this article as well.

You as a consumer would never know what is going on and eventually you as an uninformed individual will accept that yes 10 IU of vitamin D3 is a good thing. Anything above is illegal. I do not know about the general public and general complacency with all of this but when I read Codex or other UN agendas like Agenda 21 all I see as a paranoid individual is the stuff of horrors. And this is just part of the prolonged war that had been going on for a long time now. And it is not just plants that are a problem because they cannot be patented. It is more than that. Every real cure that destroys the disease in its roots to never return is not something the industry wants even if it can be patented. They do not want cures they just want treatments that can prolong life a little.


Passages selected from a book: “Go Vegan? Review of Science: Part 2” [Milos Pokimica]

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October 21, 2021


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