Milos Pokimica 3
I am a doctor of natural medicine, nutritionist, author, freelance medical health and nutrition writer, and nutritional science advisor with a passion to help people to eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle.

Backed by 17 years of inquiry into nutrition and health, I now work mostly as a freelance medical health and nutrition writer. I write the real truth. At least the truth that I found to be objective through decades of my own research. Research that I did with no influence of any institution or a group.

I cannot even say that I am a vegan because I do not have to be one to preserve my health. I would eat animal products on some rare occasions. I am not an advocate. I am not guided by dogma. I only believe in pure objective science.
I personally have dealt with a wide range of chronic illnesses in my own family as well and most of my family members suffered or died from some of them including cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes. I have seen them all. In my early 20’s, I also started to develop diabetes. The same treatments that did nothing for my family were prescribed to me as well. I have seen the effectiveness of drugs that the MD wanted to prescribe to me already, and I realized that it is not something I’m going to go through myself. I was forced into my own research and eventually cured myself of type 2 diabetes with no drugs or needles. After a while, it became a passion that turned into studying, and that turned into a full-time job.

In my books, and on this website every article is backed by scientific research references. My writing is always based on current evidence backed by science. My books and articles are not easy to read or a weekend lifestyle magazine. There are no quick and easy solutions in them. They are a study compilation based on scientific research.

The truth is not pleasant, it is not pretty and most likely it is not what you would like to hear. More importantly, it is not what your regular MD is going to know, or even if he does he would not be allowed to tell you. Some rogue doctors do their job, but that is a small percentage. A real doctor’s job is to make money for Big Pharma and themselves. On average they will have around 15 minutes to spare for one patient visit. and my books are designed to be a learning foundation for people who want to live a healthy life in general.
Chose to learn and you will save yourself a lot of money and time and pain if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.
Disease is a choice. The diet is not.

Milos Pokimica