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Allopathic Medicine-The Psychology of Fear

by Milos Pokimica ND

by Milos Pokimica ND

Learn About Nutrition

"Around 100 years ago allopathic medicine was finally able to neutralize holistic empirical doctors. Allopathic MDs don't treat diseases, they treat symptoms."

People are born with only two instinctive fears. One is the fear of falling, and the other is fear of intense noises. Everything else we fear has been obtained during our lifetime and is usually generated by some circumstances and situations that have registered in our minds and emotions in a way that makes us feel scared. That is when our body responds with the ‘fight or flight’ response.

Fear is the strongest emotion of all, and it eventually conditions our behavior. Fear is stronger than rational thinking because it is a conditioned evolutionary response for keeping us alive. For all animals and for our hominin ancestors some real fears were fear of becoming a meal and fear from starvation.

The humans might add the third one, and that is fear of the disease.

Today we do not have to fear predation anymore and for most of the developed world fear of hunger does not exist. However, there is still fear of the disease. And where is fear there is manipulation.

Some people are very good at utilizing the emotions of others for their own benefit. They like to call that marketing or propaganda. It is just emotional manipulation. In some cases, withholding the facts can have the same desired effect.

Don’t get me wrong having a profit in medicine is nothing bad. The problem arose when medicine became part of a larger hierarchical structure system that is designed for widespread control and usage of people as a resource.

In modern medicine, profit is mostly made on sick people. Healthy individuals are not very lucrative. You can sell them supplements, but that market is not where the real money lies. Nobody around you will have the interest to tell you the whole truth and keep you healthy except you. It is only your job and nobody else’s. It is not the job of your doctor. He does not care about your health. He is going to stop listening to you in seconds after you started speaking. What he is going to do is to write the prescription, and if anything goes wrong, he is also considering how to protect himself from liability. That is his real job. Even if he wanted to spend time on you, he would have a hard time because the doctors themselves do not know what the truth is outside of what they learn in college and actually have a life expectancy that is much shorter than average. Furthermore, even if there is some real miracle cure the interest will be to silence it. Just cancer treatment drugs made industry $117 billion worldwide in 2018 and are projected to exceed $150 billion by 2021. And that is without an endless chain of medical tests, operations, support therapies. That is a reality.

We are an evolutionary condition to fear and hate so that we can improve and adapt and survive. High happiness and love have nothing to do with survival in ever-changing habitats. More intelligent members of our society will and they do manipulate people’s fears for profit and control. Judging by the legislation that WHO is pushing and the industry standards for preventive medicine which is another scam the goal of public health policy in 21 century would be to spread constant fear for the larger and larger segment of the population. This might be hard to understand logically so that I will rephrase it this way.

Do you have any anxiety if you don’t have health insurance? How about something insignificant like a dental plan? Do you have a fear if you do not check yourself annually? What about breast cancer or some other cancer prevention screening? Do you think that you would feel any anxiety if the doctor does tell you that you have cancer? Do you believe that you would be able to live in constant fear of getting it if you have a genetic predisposition? Do you fear to disobey your doctor? What if you don’t vaccinate your kids? It is mandatory. You do not even have a choice.

Why do you think that industry does all the things that it does to the “alternative,” “pseudo,” and all other “names” scientists that do not follow the company line of medicine? Do you think that this is just so that you can be safe from bad doctors that will do you harm because they are all insane and snake oil salesmen? Do you know that doctors themselves fear losing their job for not following industry guidelines? Do you think “they” care about you? At the end of the day, the medicine did release us from infections with antibiotics and vaccines.

Around 100 years ago modern medicine was finally able to neutralize so-called empirical doctors or holistic or natural healers. In the 1800s society was split between two forms of medicine and there was the regulation of both forms with laws and restrictions equally. Patients had a choice of using both forms of treatment, the allopath’s, and the empirics. The balance and coexistence of both medical branches remained equal to about the turn of the century and the new medical treatment emerged that were potentially very profitable.

The American Medical Association was joined and influenced by strong financial and controlling forces and transformed medicine into the industry. International banking cartels invested tremendous amounts of money into the founding of the new industry, in particular into the schools that were complacent into cooperating with them. For the money, they spent they had a request to put some of their people into a board of directors to see that their money is spent wisely. What happens was that all of the major universities received large grants from these people and also accepted one or more of these people on the board of directors. Now, these people were not there to spread science and learning in pursuit of social well-being and human happiness. They were put there as a larger scheme of plans to ensure the interest of the bankers. Almost overnight schools were literally taken over. The schools did get large amounts of money, and they did spend it on new expensive equipment and build new buildings and new laboratories and hired more researchers and teachers. However, at the same time, they sold their interest to the growing industry called medicine dominated by newly founded pharmaceutical companies. Physicians from that time onward in history would be taught pharmaceutical drugs and allopathic forms of interventional medicine for the benefit of the private financial interest of the international banking cartel.

First Rockefeller Foundation at a retreat in Rockland, Maine, July 1915
General Educational Board, the first Rockefeller Foundation at a retreat in Rockland, Maine, July 1915

On the picture, you can see trustees of the General Educational Board, the first Rockefeller Foundation at a retreat in Rockland, Maine, July 1915. Besides Rockefeller, in the middle, you can also see for instance Charles W. Eliot (former president of Harvard University), Harry Pratt Judson (President of the University of Chicago), and many other “important” individuals that just by meeting in such arrangement have created something known as a conflict of interest. 

Paracelsus (1493-1534)

Paracelsus (the name he gave himself, born as Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheimborn), sometimes called the “father” of toxicology, pharmaceutics, and modern allopathic form of medicine. Paracelsus was an alchemist, occultist, chemist and essentially was a person who believed in poisoning people to heal diseases. Something that is in line with modern medicine. For example, today if a chemical does not have side effects, or in other words, if the chemical is not a poison, it can’t even be registered as a medicine. Only poisons that have side effects can be given with the permission of your MD, and this is exactly how the industry likes it. Holistic healing is not profitable. Paracelsus was a person that in history is considered a real father of modern type of medicine. For example, he started the treatment of venereal disease with mercury. His most quoted thesis was:

“The dose makes the poison.” (A popular short version.)

The original quote is:

“All things are poison and nothing (is) without poison; only the dose makes that a thing is no poison.”

Some reads on Paracelsius

devils doctor
The Devil’s Doctor
the rose of Paracelsus
The Rose Of Paracelsus
the hermetic and alchemical writings of Paracelsus
The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus

Besides this profit-driven, self-centered interest-oriented industry, there is another part of the problems we face in medicine that is philosophical in nature. The modern way of comprehension of reality is based on a belief system that human reason is a superior force to nature. The other prevailing belief is that there is no such thing as life. Yes, you read that right. Scientific medicine does not believe that there is such thing in existence as life. Life is not life. There is no distinction between living and dead matter. Life is just more complicated dead matter arranged in such a manner to form the most complicated and structured machine in the universe that we perceive as life. It is just the rearrangement of dead atoms. This belief system is in the essence of the theory of evolution and medicine and all of the science we have today. It is a basic principle that defines our entire civilization, not just medicinal practice.

It is hard to explain so I will use an example. We can take a human organism and separate it into working “parts.” We will get the brain, heart, lungs, and so on. All of these organs are separated and do something for the organism. At the same time, we can take the average car and separate it into working parts too. We will get a driving motor, wheels, hoods and so on. All of the parts are separated and do something for the car as a whole.  So both the car and the man have many similar attributes. They have many functional parts. They can both move, they both need a constant supply of energy to work. When they do work they both heat up, and if they heat up too much, they need to stop and cool themselves. If they are left without energy, they both stop and eventually rust (get old) and die.

body vs car
Allopathic medicine philosophy

Dying is not a real medicinal term. Because life does not exist and they are both just rearranged death mater they cannot die they can just stop functioning. Because our bodies are just stupid machines like any other car, we treat diseases, in the same manner, we treat broken cars. We have intervention treatments.

Good old days of allopathic medicine- Bloodletting

This is the belief system you will get in hospitals. This is actually great if you just had an accident and they need to save your life but terrible for anything else. This philosophy has a detrimental effect.

Doctors actually do not treat diseases at all. They treat symptoms. For example, you have a cold, and your body raised the temperature to fight it. What will your MD prescribe? They will give you something to lower temperature and release you from pain. This will just make it more difficult for your immune system to fight, but now you do not have any symptoms. So are you healthy? If you do not have symptoms, you do not have the disease. You still have the virus, but you are feeling well, so you are fine. This is how modern medicine works. You might be full of toxins have high inflammation and who knows what but until you got a real problem like cancer or heart disease, guess what? You are healthy.

Until they can detect any symptom, there is nothing they can do for you. They do not deal with promoting health and life. They are not health-practicing individuals.

Allopatric medicine deals with sickness. Allopatric medicine deals with symptoms. Who deals with real diseases? Your body does.

There are no cures. You can only help your body to heal and help it from becoming ill in the first place. The cures you get from doctors are not cures. They are treatments.

When we combine these two beliefs that there is no such thing as life and that human reason is supreme force than nature we have something called allopathic (modern) medicine.

Good old days of allopathic medicine- Trepidation

However, there is one curtail difference between machinery like automobiles and machinery like a human organism. The characteristic of a living organism is self-sufficiency. Living organisms, unlike machinery, can heal themselves and sustain themselves. They do not need a mechanic. If the car can self-repair and self-drive to the gasoline station, then the car would be a living creature. That is something modern allopathic medicine does not recognize. They treat every pain every symptom and every disease, but they do not treat the causes of the diseases and do not treat the whole body holistically. Medicine is segregated into the specialist areas with every doctor is specialist in his domain and looks into his own organ where every problem gets its Latin name and list of medicine to prescribe. And that is it. Students learn these “lists” like they memorize lyrics from the songs and everyone sings his own song with a different prescription. That is as far as you will go in treatment in any hospital. The entire health fantasy is just propaganda for you so that you can feel safe and continue to give a big chunk of your income to the industry. They know that you don’t care about your health as long as you are healthy and they wait for you to get some of the symptoms to feed on your anxiety. It is too late if you get the first symptoms of diseases. Remember this next sentence.

There is no magic cure. There is no cure. Your own body is the cure. If you abuse it, don’t expect purple magic pills. Only purple magic painkillers.

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