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The tale of Big Pharma- The Rockefeller Family

The companies that make up the pharmaceutical industry are one of the largest corporations in the world, and to a great extent owned by the same people that own the big international corporations and banks, and other large industries. The Rockefellers family privatized the medical industry in the United States back at the beginning of the 20th century, and from that time onward, Big Pharma giants never stopped spreading through the entire world.
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Allopathic Medicine- The Rise of an Industry

The balance and coexistence of both medical branches remained equal to about the turn of the century when the new medical treatments emerged that were potentially very profitable. The American Medical Association was joined and influenced by strong financial and controlling forces and transformed medicine into the industry. They sold their interest to the growing industry called medicine dominated by newly founded pharmaceutical companies. Physicians from that time onward in history would be taught pharmaceutical drugs and allopathic forms of interventional medicine for the benefit of the private financial interest of the international banking cartel.
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Farmed fish- “Cesspool” paradise

Farmed fish have up to ten times the levels of pollutants than wild fish. Fish waste and also uneaten feed drop to the bottom beneath these farms and start to decompose. Also, the excrement of the animals themselves is used as fish feed. In order to cope with these conditions farmed fish are vaccinated as minnows. After vaccination fish is always on antibiotics and pesticides.
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Cancer, The Forbidden Cures-Rife machine, Historical review

In 1934, a group of physicians led by Dr. Milbank Johnson of Pasadena, California, in an experiment that was sponsored by the University of California brought sixteen terminally ill patients from a hospital in San Diego. They were radiated with the frequencies recommended by Dr. Royal Rife for ninety days to activate resonance and destroy cancer. It was the first time in history that terminally ill cancer patients were healed completely.
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