What are ORAC Units?

Units that measure the antioxidant capacity of different substances are called ORAC. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It’s a lab test developed by scientists at the National Institute of Health and Aging (NIH).

The first database of ORAC values was released by USDA in 2007 and it covered 277 food items. Then in 2010, the research was published that took 8 years to complete and included the antioxidative value of 3149 food items (The total antioxidant content of more than 3100 foods, beverages, spices, herbs,and supplements used worldwide. doi: 10.1186/1475-2891-9-3).

Today the entire database of ORAC values has been removed from the USDA website. Because there is no “official” daily recommended intake of ORAC units, you will see various researchers suggest an optimal intake to be only  3000-5000 ORAC units per day, and many physicians will not recommend antioxidant-rich diets at all. Even the USDA has come up with a suggested intake of 5000 ORAC units per day. The UK FSA and the FDA recommend “5 a day” of fruit and vegetable servings, which gives an approximate ORAC score of 3500. It’s all just a joke and even worse, deliberate conspiracy. Units represented here are just medium values of different lab tests and are not to be taken at face value. These measurements can vary depending on different conditions. Even the same food type can have several times different values in ORAC potency depending on the different parameters. For example, the time a sample has been left exposed to air before testing, the type of processing, the manufacturing process itself, and a whole range of other different parameters. Also, these measurements are taken in vitro and there is a question about the bioavailability of some of the antioxidants and their absorption rate. Read more about the importance and optimal antioxidant intake in Go Vegan? Review of Science Part 3. Here I have compiled a list of once available ORAC values that you can download as an additional resource for the book series.

ORAC Values

Food ItemORAC Value (μmol TE/100g)
Dragon's Blood (Sangre de grado) (Croton lechleri)2897110
Astaxanthin Supplements (Isolated From Microalgae)3000000
Triphala Powder706250
Coffee Cherry (Cascara) Powder344000
Sumac Bran, Raw313000
Ground Cloves Spice291000
Indian Gooseberry (Amla Berries), Dried262000
Sorghum Bran, High-Tannin241000
Oregano Spice, Dried176000
Bacopa, Dried (Standardized Extract)170000
Rosemary Spice, Dried165000
Peppermint Leaves, Dried160000
Thyme Spice, Dried157400
Chaga Mushroom Extract150000
Baobab Fruit Powder, Dried140000
Cinnamon Spice, Ground131500
Turmeric Spice, Ground127000
Black Cohosh Root, Dried126500
Vanilla Bean Spice, Dried123000
Sage Spice, Ground120000
Szechuan Pepper Spice, Dried118000
Grape Seed Extract108000
Licorice Root, Dried103000
Acai Berry Pulp/Skin/Puree Powder102700
Black Sorghum Bran100500
Allspice, Ground100400
Yaupon Holly Leaves (Cassina)98700
Rose Hip96000
Marjoram Spice, Dried (Sweet Marjoram)92000
Sumac Grain, Raw87000
Parsley Spice, Dried73700
Red Sorghum Bran71000
Gotu Kola Leaves, Dried70000
Nutmeg Spice, Ground69500
Green Tea Leaves, Dried62700
Basil Spice, Dried61000
Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened55600
Pomegranate, Yellow Pith Only55600
Camu Camu Powder52000
Cumin Seed Spice50300
Baking Chocolate Squares, Unsweetened50000
Curry Spices Powder48500
Wild Bilberries, Dried48300
Sorghum Grain, High-Tannin45400
White Pepper Spice40700
Dutch Chocolate Powder40200
Ginger Spice, Ground39000
Ginkgo Biloba Supplements35900
Black Pepper Spice34000
Sage, Fresh32000
Mistletoe, Dried30500
Yellow Mustard Seed Spice29300
Thyme, Fresh27500
Barberries, Dried27300
Marjoram, Fresh (Sweet Marjoram)27200
Brazilian Grape Tree / Jabuticaba Fruit, Skin Extract25500
Macambo Beans, Raw24300
Rice Bran, Crude24300
Chili Powder Spice23600
Paprika Spice21950
Black Sorghum Grain21900
Dark Chocolate Candies20800
Saffron Spice, Whole20600
Lingonberry (Cowberries), Raw20300
Maqui Berry, Fresh19850
Cayenne Pepper Spice, Red19700
Black Raspberries, Raw19300
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Candies18000
Pecans, Nuts17900
Golden Apple / Bael Fruit (Aegle Marmelos)17900
Astragalus Root, Dried17700
Chervil / French Parsley, Dried17600
Chokeberry (Aronia Berries), Raw16000
Tarragon, Fresh15500
Dandelion Root, Dried15200
Serviceberry / Saskatoon Berries / Juneberry, Raw15000
Ginger Root, Raw14800
Elderberries, Raw14700
Red Sorghum Grain14000
Peppermint, Fresh13900
Oregano, Fresh13800
English Walnuts13500
Japanese Persimmon Fruit, Dried12300
Moringa Stenopetala (Cabbage Tree), Dried11900
Star Anise Spice11300
Rosemary Leaves, Fresh11000
Purple Corn, Raw10800
Black Raspberry Juice10400
Golden Raisins, Seedless10400
Black Chia Seeds, Raw9800
Black Chia Seeds, Raw9700
Hazelnuts or Filberts9600
Wild Blueberries, Raw9500
Dried Pears (40% Moisture)9400
Savory, Fresh9460
Artichokes, Boiled9420
Artichokes, Microwaved9402
Reishi Mushrooms, Dried9220
Cranberries, Raw9090
Red Kidney Beans, Raw8600
Black Beans, Raw8490
Ashwagandha Root, Dried8480
Pink Beans, Raw8320
Jalapeno Peppers, Dried8250
Prunes (Dried Plums), Uncooked8060
Pinto Beans, Raw8040
Black Currants (European), Raw7960
Crowberry (Black Crowberries), Raw7900
Pistachios, Nuts, Raw7660
Black Diamond Plums, Raw7600
Wild Bilberries, Raw7550
Agave, Dried (Southwest)7520
Milk Chocolate Candies7520
Lentils, Raw7280
White Chia Seeds, Raw7000
Hibiscus Tea, Brewed6990
Burdock Root / Gobo, Raw6740
Dried Apples (40% Moisture)6680
Garlic Powder Spice6600
Artichokes, Globe or French, Raw6550
Black Turtle Beans, Raw6410
White Sorghum Bran6400
Chocolate Syrup6330
Peach Babyfood6250
Mulberries, Fresh6130
Plums, Raw6100
Maca Powder, Raw6100
Lemon Balm Leaves, Raw6000
Spirulina Powder Capsules5960
Blackberries, Raw5900
Garlic, Raw5700
Soybeans, Raw5400
Brazilian Grape Tree / Jabuticaba Fruit, Fresh Skin5230
Cilantro Leaves (Coriander), Raw5140
Red Raspberries, Raw5060
Babyfood, Apple and Blueberry, Junior Version4820
Basil, Fresh4800
Black Quinoa, Uncooked4800
Artichokes, Canned4750
Chestnuts With Pellicle4670
Blueberries, Raw4670
Sea Buckthorn Berries, Raw4580
Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine4520
Pomegranates, Raw4480
Almonds, Nuts4450
Dill Weed, Fresh4390
Black Eyed Peas (Cowpeas), Raw4340
Goji Berry (Wolfberries), Dried4310
Strawberries, Raw4300
Onion Powder Spice4290
Red Delicious Apples With Skin, Raw4275
Dried Peaches (40% Moisture)4220
White Raisins (40% Moisture)4190
Applesauce Babyfood, Strained4120
Red Quinoa, Uncooked3900
Granny Smith Apples With Skin, Raw3900
Deglet Noor Dates3890
Golden Berries / Cape Gooseberries / Inca Berries3870
Sweet Cherries, Raw3750
Moringa Stenopetala (Cabbage Tree), Fresh3700
Makiang, Raw3695
Red Wine (Table)3600
Red Rice, Uncooked3600
Peanut Butter, Smooth Style3400
Raisins, Seedless3400
Red Currants, Raw3380
Figs, Raw3370
Gooseberries, Raw3330
Goji Berry (Wolfberries), Raw3290
Dried Apricots 40% Moisture)3230
Quinoa, White / Ivory, Uncooked3200
Peanuts, Raw (All Varieties)3150
Red Cabbage, Boiled3145
Kalamata Olives3130
Broccoli Rabe, Raw3080
Cooked Agave (Southwest)3070
Apples With Skin, Raw3050
Red Delicious Apples Without Skin, Raw3000
Gala Apples With Skin, Raw2820
Brewed Arabica Coffee, Medium Roast2780
Cardamom Spice2760
Purple Sweet Potato, Raw2720
Brewed Arabica Coffee, Dark Roast2690
Pomegranate Juice, Bottled2680
Red Merlot Wine2670
Golden Delicious Apples With Skin, Raw2670
Banana Babyfood2650
Maloud, Raw2610
Fuji Apples With Skin, Raw2590
Apples Without Skin, Raw2570
Peach Babyfood, Junior Version2550
White Guava, Fleshed2550
Cloudberry (Knotberries), Raw2530
Mangosteen, Raw2500
Red Cabbage, Raw2490
Brewed Arabica Coffee, Light Roast2450
Red Leaf Lettuce, Raw2420
Red Zinfandel Wine2400
Concord Grape Juice2380
Medjool Dates2380
Black Cherry Juice2370
Rowan Berries, Raw2360
Corn Flakes Cereal2350
Blueberry Juice2350
Plain Instant Oatmeal, Fortified, Dry2300
Low-Fat Granola With Raisins2290
Asparagus, Raw2250
Black Beans, Boiled2240
Golden Delicious Apples Without Skin, Raw2210
Purple Cauliflower, Cooked2210
Green Pears With Skin/Peel, Raw2200
White Sorghum Grain2200
Sprouted Radish Seeds, Raw2180
Oat Bran Cereal, Ready To Eat2180
Lotus Root, Raw2170
Toasted Oatmeal Cereal (Cheerios)2170
Oats / Oatmeal, Uncooked2160
Broccoli, Boiled2160
Toasted Oatmeal Squares Cereal2140
Rice, Purple Forbidden Rice, Uncooked2120
Sweet Potato, Baked In Skin2110
Grain Bread2100
Oranges, All Varieties, Raw2100
Chives, Raw2090
Fenugreek Seeds, Raw2090
Cauliflower, Raw2080
Savoy Cabbage, Boiled2050
Juice, Canned2030
Guava, Fleshed1990
Applesauce, Unsweetened1960
Pumpernickel Bread1960
Cashews, Nuts1940
Beet Greens, Raw1940
Hass Avocados, Raw1920
Peaches, Raw1920
Arugula (Rocket), Raw1900
Navy Beans, Raw1861
Nachos - Tortilla Chips With Cheese1858
Oreo Cookies, Chocolate w/ Vanilla Creme Filling1840
Red Grapes, Raw1835
Navel Oranges, Raw1820
Red Grape Juice1785
Beets, Raw1780
Kale (Dinosaur, Tuscan, Black Kale), Cooked1770
Green Kale, Raw1765
Acai Juice Blends / Bowls1767
Radishes, Raw1760
Black Grapes1740
Red Anjou Pears, Raw1745
Popcorn, Air-Popped1740
Old Fashioned Oats / Oatmeal, Uncooked1700
Yerba Mate Tea, Brewed1700
Macadamia Nuts, Dry Roasted1695
Frozen Spinach (Chopped or Leaf), Unprepared1685
Russet Potatoes With Skin, Baked1680
Asparagus, Cooked, Boiled, Drained1640
White, Red, & Pink Grapefruit, Raw1635
Tangerines, Mandarin Oranges, Raw1620
Broccoli Rabe, Cooked1590
Low Fat Tortilla Chips Made With Olestra1550
Pink & Red Grapefruit, Raw1540
Green Leaf Lettuce, Raw1530
Red Onions, Raw1520
Quaker Oat Life Cereal1512
Spinach, Raw1510
Brazilian Grape Tree / Jabuticaba Fruit1510
Sprouted Alfalfa Seeds, Raw1506
Broccoli, Raw1500
Cranberry Concord Grape Juice1480
Unsweetened Cranberry Juice1450
Soursop / Guanabana / Graviola, Pulp1450
Bibb Butter Lettuce (Incl. Boston), Raw1420
Yellow Guava, Raw1420
Whole Grain Bread (Incl. Multigrain)1415
Brazil Nuts, Unblanched1415
Romanesco / Green Cauliflower / Broccoflower, Cooked1380
Safflower Oil1370
Lemons Without Peel, Raw1340
Brussels Sprouts, Raw1330
Red Potatoes With Skin, Baked1325
Russet Potatoes With Skin, Raw1320
Oatnut Bread1300
Shredded Wheat Cereal, Plain w/o Added Sugar1300
Parsley, Raw1300
Mangos, Raw1300
Raw Agave (Southwest)1290
Chocolate Chip Cookies1285
Spearmint, Fresh1270
Milk Chocolate Syrup, Reduced Fat1260
Green Tea, Brewed1250
White Grapefruit Juice, Raw1240
Lemon Juice, Raw1220
Yellow Onions, Sauteed1220
Golden Kiwi (Yellow Kiwi), Raw1210
Ceylon Tea, Brewed1210
Barley Flour, Wholemeal1190
White Potatoes With Skin, Baked1135
Ground Flaxseed1130
Black Tea, Brewed1125
Apricots, Raw1110
Red Swiss Chard, Raw1100
Red Potatoes With Skin, Raw1095
Coconut Oil1070
White Potatoes With Skin, Raw1050
Yellow Peppers, Raw1040
White Grapes / Green Grapes, Raw1020
Romaine Lettuce, Raw1010
Green Olives1005
Rose Wine1003
Strawberry Juice1002
Salsa Jar or Canned Version1001
Orange Peppers, Raw980
Portobello Mushrooms, Raw965
Sprouted Soybeans, Raw960
Crimini Mushrooms (Italian Brown), Raw950
Earl Grey Tea, Brewed945
Extra Sweet Pineapple, Raw943
Green Bell Peppers, Raw935
Eggplant, Raw931
Nectarines, Raw915
Onions, Raw913
Pinto Beans, Boiled904
Potato, Raw902
Cauliflower, Raw870
100% Cranberry Juice Blend865
White Onions, Raw863
Kiwi Fruit, Raw860
Cabbage, Boiled855
Fried Bacon - Meat850
Garbanzo Beans / Chickpea / Bengal Gram, Raw849
Red Peppers, Sauteed845
Lime Juice, Raw820
Red Peppers, Raw819
Lucuma Fruit, Peel / Skin815
Sacha Inchi / Saviseed800
Whole Flaxseed800
Noni Fruit, Raw800
Green Beans / String Beans, Raw798
Bananas, Raw793
White Grape Juice792
Olive Oil w/ Parsley (Home Prepared)769
Sweet Potato Without Skin, Cooked / Boiled766
Turkey Hot Dog, Barbecued - Meat762
Red Dragon Fruit / Pitaya, Fresh760
Shiitake Mushrooms, Dried752
Chestnuts Without Pellicle750
Japanese Persimmon Fruit, Raw740
Yellow Split Peas, Raw740
Chiilchin / Sumac Berries / Lemonade Berry Navajo Tea Beverage740
Cauliflower, Boiled735
Sweet Corn, Raw727
Orange Juice, Raw725
Pine Nuts, Dried720
Beef Liver, Frozen - Meat710
Pear Juice, All Varieties703
Orange Juice Carton / Canned / Bottle702
Carrots, Raw695
Yellow Peppers, Grilled692
Canned Tomato Sauce / Jarred Spaghetti Sauce692
Button Mushrooms / White Mushrooms, Raw690
Blue Corn (Navajo)680
Olive Oil w/ Basil (Home Prepared)680
Maitake Mushrooms, Raw670
Oyster Mushrooms, Raw660
Chicken Drumstick Without Skin, Grilled - Meat650
Cauliflower, Frozen & Unprepared620
Green Peppers, Sauteed615
Sweet Onions, Raw614
Turkey Hot Dogs / Frankfurter - Meat610
Rooibos Tea, Brewed610
Green Peas, Frozen & Unprepared600
Chocolate Brownies600
Maple Syrup590
Ketchup / Catsup570
Leeks (Bulb w/ Lower Leaves), Raw565
Pineapple Juice, Canned & Unsweetened562
Apple Cider Vinegar560
Pineapple, Traditional Varieties, Raw560
Olive Oil w/ Garlic (Home Prepared)557
Celery, Raw550
Vegetable Juice Cocktail, Canned or Bottled540
Plum Tomatoes, Raw540
Lychee Fruit540
Cabbage, Raw530
Green Split Peas, Raw525
Sweet Corn Kernels, Frozen & Unprepared521
Green Tea, Bottled520
Frozen Broccoli Spears, Unprepared496
Tomato Juice, Canned or Bottled485
Powdered Chocolate Drink (Nesquik Cocoa Mix)483
Pumpkin, Raw482
Poppy Seeds Spice480
Beef Hot Dogs - Meat470
Blueberry Muffins460
Canola Oil460
Grilled Chicken Drumstick With Skin - Meat450
Iceberg Lettuce / Crisphead Lettuce, Raw440
Baby Carrots, Raw430
Canned Peaches430
Cashew Apple Fruit430
Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake Mix, Prepared430
Cooked Tomatoes, Red Ripe420
Apple Juice, Canned or Bottled410
Babyfood, Pear Juice410
Sweet Corn, Canned410
Red Wine Vinegar410
Butternut Squash, Raw395
White Wine392
Tomatoes, Red Ripe Variety, Raw385
Raw Pineapple, All Varieties385
Whole Grain Wheat380
Extra Virgin Olive Oil370
Black Olives350
Corn Oil340
Brown Rice, Uncooked330
Longan Fruit, Raw330
Carrots, Boiled320
Cantaloupe Melon, Raw320
Black Tea, Bottled310
Fennel Bulb, Raw300
Papaya, Raw300
Papa John's Cheese Pizza, Original Crust300
Hot Dogs - Meat300
White Dragon Fruit / Pitaya, Fresh300
White Asparagus, Raw296
Green Beans / String Beans, Canned295
Japanese White Sweet Potato / Murasaki, Raw270
Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey270
White Tea, Bottled260
Bananas, Nam-Wa Variety260
Green Peas, Fresh & Raw260
Honeydew Melon, Raw250
Eggplant, Boiled245
Lima Beans, Canned242
Papa John's Pepperoni Pizza, Original Crust240
Prawns, Peeled and Cooked - Seafood240
Cucumber With Peel / Skin, Raw230
White Cranberry Juice230
Honey Vinegar / Honey Wine Vinegar225
Olive Oil w/ Garlic & Hot Red Peppers (Home Prepared)215
DiGiorno Rising Crust Cheese Pizza, Frozen210
Guinness Stout Beer210
Domino's Cheese Pizza, Classic Hand-Tossed200
Red Baron Cheese Pizza, Frozen190
Apple Pie190
Zucchini Summer Squash With Skin, Raw180
Little Caesar's Deep Dish Cheese Pizza180
McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Fried - Meat180
Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza, Pan Crust170
Aunt Jemima Waffles, Frozen170
Tombstone Cheese Pizza, Frozen160
Krispy Kreme Donuts / Doughnuts, Plain160
Wendy's Frosty, Classic Chocolate Flavor160
Rambutan Fruit160
Celeste Cheese Pizza, Frozen150
Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich - Meat150
Budweiser Beer150
Kellogg's Pop Tarts, Frosted Strawberry Flavor150
Watermelon, Raw145
Cucumber Without Skin / Peeled, Raw140
Tilapia Fish Fillets, Baked140
Romanesco / Green Cauliflower / Broccoflower, Raw135
Heineken Lager Beer130
Lucuma Fruit, Nut / Seed120
Mizuna Mustard Greens120
Burger King Chicken Nuggets, Fried - Meat120
Mackerel Fish, Fried120
Green Peas, Canned120
Hamburger Meat Patty, Fried110
Peanut Oil105
Totino's Thin Crust Cheese Pizza, Frozen100
Eggo Buttermilk Pancakes100
Coconut Flakes, Sweetened90
Canned Tuna Fish In Water90
Miller Lite Beer90
Limes, Raw85
Tony's Cheese Pizza, Frozen80
Clove, Essential Oil1078700
Lucuma Fruit Powder, Pulp Extract70
Fried Chicken Without Skin, Frozen - Meat60
Fried Chicken With Skin, Frozen - Meat50
Milk, 2% Fat50
Milk, 1% Fat40
Salmon Fish, Raw30
Instant White Rice, Cooked30
Egg Yolk20
Egg, Whole20
Egg Whites10
Coriander Seed Oil299000
Fennel Oil 238,500
Clary Sage Oil221000
German Chamomile Oil218500
Marjoram Oil151000
Lemon Balm Oil 140000
Palmarosa Oil130000
Manuka Oil106200
Wintergreen Oil101800
Cumin Oil82500
Black Pepper Oil79800
Petitgrain Oil73500
Basil Oil54000
Patchouli Oil49500
Peppermint Oil37200
Cardamom Oil36500
Dill Oil35500
Celery Seed Oil30200
Mandarin Oil26500
Lime Oil26200
Galbanum Oil25500
Myrtle Oil25400
Hyssop Oil21000
Thyme Oil16000
Oregano Oil15200
Chinese (Cassia) Cinnamon Oil15200
Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil10350
Sage Oil15000
Mountain Savory Oil11300
Orange Oil1900
Helichrysum Oil1750
Lemongrass Oil1760
Ravensara Oil890
Lemon Oil650
Frankincense Oil620
Spearmint Oil520
Rosemary Oil320
Juniper Oil250
Sandalwood Oil150
Roman Chamomile Oil240
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