Daniela Alfaro

Full-stack web development and web design

Daniela maintains our website and our technology architecture. She oversees all of our technology operations. She is a full-stack web developer and comes from a 6-year background in web development. She resides in Guadalajara, Mexico with her husband and two children.

Kajsa Sjogren

Graphic Design

Kasja is a professional photographer and graphic designer. She is the main driving force behind the visual aesthetics of our website. She oversees our styling, photography, and all of our website design. She has been with us from the beginning and is passionate about teaching people about a plant-based diet and all of its health benefits. She resides in Malmö with her family and has a Pug named Charlie and a Sphynx cat named Nakie.

Maddison Walsh

Administrative Coordinator

Maddison oversees our projects and manages donations, payments, licensing, subscriptions, digital marketing strategy, and campaigns. She comes from a 7-year background in digital advertising and administrative work. She resides in Birmingham, the UK with her daughter and two companion Corgis.

Vladimir Čomic

Customer support

Vladimir maintains our user and supporter relations. When you send us a message it is most likely that Vladimir will be the first one to review it. He has a background in sales and customer support and today also works as a personal trainer. Vladimir lives with his girlfriend in Belgrade, Serbia.