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The tale of Big Pharma- IG Farben

by Milos Pokimica ND

by Milos Pokimica ND

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"The part of Rockefeller monopoly on chemical and medicine industries came into fulfillment after WW2. Standard Oil and IG Farben cooperation made this into reality."

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic State itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism–ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”

-President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The part of Rockefeller monopoly on chemical and medicine industries came into fulfillment after WW2. And this is on a global scale, not the just US. Rockefeller and Rothschild’s cooperation made this into reality.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the international drug and chemical cartel, IG Farben, called “a state within a state” was created in 1925 as Interessen Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie Aktien Gesellschaft, usually known as IG Farben, which simply meant “The Cartel.” IG Farben had an absolute monopoly in manufacturing all of the chemical products all the way to WW2. They were one if not the crucial financiers of rearmament of Germany with a special interest in oil production for German new mechanized army.

It had at first started in 1904, through the six main chemical companies in Germany started agreements to form the one final cartel, merging Badische Anilin, Bayer, Agfa, Hoechst, Weiler-ter-Meer, and Griesheim-Electron. The main financing came from the Rothschild’s, who remained represented by their German banker, Max Warburg, of M.M. Warburg Company, Hamburg. He later directed the German Secret Service through World War I and was a private economic consultant to the Kaiser. Meanwhile, the Kaiser was overthrown, after losing the war but Max Warburg was not exiled with him he was above the politics as an agent of a higher power, so he never went to Holland.  He instead became the economic consultant to the new government. He also represented Germany at the Paris Peace Conference. Max Warburg spent relaxing times rebuilding family ties with his brother, Paul Warburg, who, after conscripting the Federal Reserve Act at Jekyll Island, were controlling the U.S. banking system through the war. He was also present in Paris as Woodrow Wilson’s financial advisor.

Two brothers were controlling two different banking systems in countries that supposedly are at war with one another. Before World War II, Max Warburg served on the board of directors of IG Farben. His brother Paul Warburg served on the board of directors of I.G. Farben’s specifically owned by an American subsidiary. Warburg family was a prominent German and American banking family of German Jewish and originally Venetian Jewish descent at which point they bore the surname del-Banco. However at one time, the Warburg bank in Hamburg was about to collapse in 1857, the Rothschilds injected vast amounts of money into it becoming the new owner of the bank. From this period forward M.M. Warburg Bank and its partners operated effectively as Rothschild fronts. The first member actually who was known to use the name “Rothschild” was Izaak Elchanan Rothschild, born in 1577. The name Rothschild in Yiddish means Red Coat. I.G. Farben quickly became a company that had a net worth of six billion marks, controlling more than five hundred firms.

While the Weimar Republic began to collapse, IG officials, seeing the writing on the wall, started a close cooperation with Adolf Hitler, providing enormous amounts of required funds and political influence. The progress of the I.G. Farben cartel had incited the interest and spread to other industrialists as well. Henry Ford was fairly impressed and set up a German branch of Ford Motor Company. IG Farben purchased forty percent of the stock.  I.G. Farben next built an American subsidiary, called American I.G., in cooperation with Standard Oil of New Jersey.  In 1930, Standard Oil declared that it had acquired a liquor monopoly in Germany, a deal that they had with IG Farben. It was already spreading into the European food industry. After the Nazi party came to power, John D. Rockefeller hired his own press agent, Ivy Lee, to Hitler to work as a full-time consultant on the rearmament of Germany. They had already decided to rearm Germany and to have WW2 so even back then necessary steps for setting up World War II had begun.  Standard Oil next constructed large refineries in Germany for the Nazis and continued to supply them with oil during World War II. In 1939 Frank Howard, a vice-president of Standard Oil visited Germany and made some arrangements. He later testified:

“We did our best to work out complete plans for a modus vivendi which would operate throughout the term of the war, whether we came in or not. “

Although his name is hardly known, Frank Atherton Howard was at that time one of the main agents that directed Standard Oil operations. He also was director of the research committee at Sloan Kettering Institute during the 1930s. He was a Rockefellers’ agent and was good at his job. His appointee at Sloan Kettering, Dusty Rhoads, managed the research that created chemotherapy. During WW2, Rhoads headed the Chemical Warfare Service in Washington at U.S. Army Headquarters. The same men researched a cure for cancer and chemicals for the killing of people in wars, which sound familiar by now. Men who work for Rockefeller syndicate. It was Frank Howard that influenced both Alfred Sloan and Charles Kettering of General Motors in 1939 to give large donations to the Cancer Center, which then took on their names. Frank Howard’s second wife was a leading member of the British aristocracy, the Duchess of Leeds. I am writing his marital status just so that we can understand who government, aristocracy, democracy, capitalism, and so on in reality is. It is all the same. Frank Howard was the key executive in managing relationships among Standard Oil and IG Farben working to coordinate the interest of both companies. He led in the research in the advancement of artificial rubber, which was vital to Germany in the Second World War. He later even wrote a book, “Buna Rubber.” And IG Farben was also a direct supporter without any secrecy of the Nazi Party.

At a conference of German industrialists with Nazis like Hermann Goering and Heinrich Himmler, held on 20 February 1933, IGF contributed 400,000 reichsmarks to the Nazi Party. It was the largest single amount of the total sum of 3 million reichsmarks raised at this meeting by German industrialists for the Nazi Party’s election campaign. IG Farben contributed four and a half million reichsmarks to the Nazi Party in 1933; by 1945, I.G. had provided the Party 40 million reichsmarks, a sum which matched all donations by I.G. to all other beneficiaries during that period. Now let me ask this question. Do you think that American or English governments did not know what is going on and from where are the money coming from? They planned and financed the entire WW2 by design. For example without the clear help of Standard Oil, the Nazi air force would never be able to fly in the first place. The planes that made up the Luftwaffe needed tetraethyl lead gasoline in order to be able to fly. At the time, only General Motors, Standard Oil, and Du Pont had the ability to produce this vital substance. All companies outside of Germany. In 1938, Walter C. Teagle, the director of Standard Oil, accommodated Hermann Schmitz of I.G. Farben to obtain 500 tons of tetraethyl lead from Ethyl, a British Standard Oil subsidiary. One year later, Schmitz returned to London and purchased an extra 15 million dollars worth of value of tetraethyl lead. Then back in Germany that was turned into aviation gasoline for Luftwaffe.

Ig Farben Luftschutz air raid helmet
Ig Farben Luftschutz air raid helmet

It was in 1927 when Standard Oil and IG Farben founded the company „Standard IG Farben.”  Standard passed to IG Farben the patents about the coal hydrogenation processes and the Germans gave them the patents on how to manufacture synthetic rubber. While the European powers wanted to avoid the growth of German industry after WW1, the US spent huge sums of money to rebuild Germany and never ratified the Versailles Treaty. Actually, not the government of the U.S. but the real deep state power behind it. They even sold German bonds in the US financial market. One of the most important was the “Union Banking Corporation” of George H. Walker. He named his son-in-law, Prescott Bush, grandfather of US President George W. Bush, director of the firm.

His grandson American President at the time George W. Bush was in the update 3.0 holding hands with the Israeli prime minister and talking about the unity of American and Israeli people in the “war of terror“ forgetting the fact that his grandpa Prescott was using Jewish slave labor in his steel labor manufacturing plant at the Auschwitz. In update 1.0 Prescott father Samuel P. Bush longtime president of Buckeye Steel Castings company that was owned by Frank Rockefeller, the brother of John D. Rockefeller supplied parts for Edward Henry Harriman railroads which in turn provided rail shipments for John’s Standard Oil who in turn gets monopoly financing from the Rothschild’s. Samuel’s son Prescott was the managing director of a Nazi steel manufacturing plant in Poland called Celestion Consolidated Steel who in update 2.0 forward American financing to his German partner Fritz Thyssen through “Union Banking Corporation” in New York. Fritz Thyssen arranges a contract with IG Farben for free Jewish slave labor in the Bush steel labor manufacturing plant at the Auschwitz concentration camp. In update 2 Prescott Busch and Averell Harriman (son of railroad baron E. H. Harriman, 48th Governor of New York and a core member of the group of foreign policy elders known as “The Wise Men” and Skull and Bones member) get caught under the trading with the enemy act as the US government moves in and seizes all of the shares in Union Banking Corporation. In update 4.0 Prescott’s son first George Bush is director of the CIA. George pushes drug king Manuel Noriega on the CIA payroll and allowed tons of cocaine to hit the streets of America via the Panama Canal. In update 5.0 George’s son the second George Bush becomes partners with Osama bin Laden’s older brother Salem bin Laden in a Texas oil company called Arbusto energy. Also in update 5, we have an introduction to the George shady younger brother Neil Bush ripping off the elderly in the Silverado Saving and Loan scandal that cost US taxpayers 1,3 billion dollars. In the final update 6.0, we have George W. Bush, American President, visiting a death camp of Auschwitz to give a speech of “resisting the power of evil” where his grandfather helped build the Bush Family fortune on free Jewish slave labor. George Herbert Walker maternal grandfather of President George H. W. also got large contracts with the Germans, before and after 1933. On the board of his „Walkers American Shipping and Commerce Company” with its Hamburg-America Line was Emil Helfferich, member of „Freundeskreis Reichsführer- SS” and until the end of WW2 President of Deutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum Gesellschaft, later ESSO, and Vacuum Oil Company in Hamburg.

The main problem for Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union was the need for fuel for tanks and airplanes. Thanks to the patents of Standard Oil, the Germans could produce fuel from their own coal, but this was not enough. After the battle started in Europe, the English became annoyed about U.S. shipments of vital materials to Nazi Germany. Standard Oil instantly transferred the registration of their entire fleet to Panama to avoid British search or seizure. These ships moved to bring oil to Tenerife, where they refueled German tankers for shipment to Hamburg. This deception was exposed on March 31, 1941, when the U.S. State Department issued a full report on refueling terminals in Mexico and Central and South America. What happened then? Nothing happened. There is no report of any form of action being taken because this all was planned on a higher level than just the U.S. government. 

A brief side note, however, is that on April 17, 1945, the Chase National Bank was put on trial in federal court on charges of having broken the Trading with the Enemy Act by changing German marks into U.S. dollars. Because multiple nations rejected German currency throughout the war, the Nazis used international banks like Rockefellers Chase National to exchange the currency into money that would be accepted like dollars, and this would then allowed them to purchase much need materials further to prolong the war.

In the sense of the blunt opinions from Adolf Hitler himself on Jewish control in Germany, it would be challenging to explain the role of I.G. Farben in the Nazi era. Why? Because I.G. Farben was mostly controlled by Jewish bankers meaning Rothschilds in particular. During the 1920s it was accused by Nazis of being an “international capitalist Jewish company.” 

Peter Hayes comprehensive study of I.G. Farben points that in 1933 it had ten Jews on its governing boards and do not forget it was formed by Rothschild financing. The same company that had bought the patent for the pesticide Zyklon B, in the 1920s and later distributed it to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Besides a synthetic oil and rubber plant at Auschwitz, the company also conducted drug experiments on live inmates. This apparatus utilized as much electricity as the entire city of Berlin, and more than 25,000 camp inmates died during its construction. I.G. Farben ultimately constructed its own concentration camp, known as Monowitz, which was closer to the factory in order to reduce the need to move already starving on the brink of death prisoners several miles lowering the efficiency of their work. The same company that gives us aspirin.

Bayer Aspirin
Bayer Aspirin

In the picture below, you can see the concentration camp constructed for the I.G. Farben Monowitz, and below the camp the headquarters of the I.G. Farben intact by war and the American bombs (not by accident).

IG Farben building

Hingham’s book, “Trading with the Enemy,” gives extensive documentation of the Rockefeller activities during the Second World War.

Trading With the Enemy

While Hitler’s planes were dumping tons of bombs on London, they were spending money on royalties on gasoline they burned to Standard Oil, under existing patent agreements. After the war, Queen Elizabeth visited the U.S. She stayed in just one private home during her visit, the Kentucky estate of William Irish, of Standard Oil. Following the unbelievable destruction of most German cities from World War 2 air bombings, the I.G buildings remained intact by some miracle. The “dismantling” of IG Farben from 1945 to 1952 by the Allied Military Government, was a process similar to the “dismantling” of the Standard Oil empire by court edict in 1911. The Big Three created companies (Farben spin-offs) still behaved like a cartel. 

Who owns them all? Who owns Bayer for example?

The answer is the international banking cartel. In 1939, while it became clear that Germany would soon be unpopular in the United States, Standard Oil helped I.G. Farben cover its American holdings in the drug and chemical field. The American IG was formed, and transfer much of the finances to the US market by buying Winthrop Chemical, Grasseli Chemical Works (alias the General Aniline Works), the Agfa-Film Company, the Sterling Products Company, and the Magnesium Development companies. Standard Oil received 15% of the stock in the new German-American chemical trust. Efforts to hook the DuPont corporation into this merger partially failed. Among the directors of the “cover-up” company were Walter Teagle (President of the Standard Oil Company), Paul Warburg (Rothschild agent), and Edsel Ford. The board of American I.G. had three managers from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. American I.G. also had interlocks with Bank of Manhattan (later to become the Chase Manhattan), Ford Motor Company, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and A.E.G. (German General Electric). Three German not American members of the board of this American I.G. were found guilty at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. Among these Germans was Max Ilgner, director of the I.G. Farben N.W. Seven offices in Berlin, i.e., the Nazi pre-war intelligence office. With Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entering, WW2 American IG Farben chose to cover its German origin and alliances, with the help of Standard Oil. It converted its name to the General Aniline & Film Corporation shortly before the Pearl Harbor attack. Before doing this, American IG bought an undisclosed number of shares in the Monsanto Chemical, Drug Incorporated, Mission Corporation, Dow Chemical, Schering & Company, Ozalid Corporation, Antidolar Company, Aluminum Corporation, Standard Oil of California, Standard Oil of Indiana, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and the DuPont Company. It took over Hoffman-LaRoche Company too. Under the Nazis, the German branch of the chemical corporation Standard Oil was simply a single firm. It was merged with hundreds of cartel arrangements.

Nuremberg IG Farben trials
Nuremberg IG Farben trials

I.G. Farben was led, up until 1937, by the Warburg family. Rockefeller’s agent in the banking who helped design Nazi Germany eugenics and who was actually again just an agent for Rothschild syndicate. Following the German attack on Poland in 1939, Standard Oil promised to keep the merger with I.G. Farben going even if the U.S. joined the war. The merger was probably planned in the Rothschild London banking cartel before the war. Rockefellers by some extent was representing the interest of the Rothschild family on the other side of the Atlantic but underlining is the same controlling force that financed all of this. When the American soldiers entered the manufacturing city of Frankfort, they remained amazed to discover the buildings in perfect condition and the huge plant of the German IG Farben Chemical Trust intact.  American aviators completely demolished every other structure in town. Farben factory in Frankfort, one of the largest constructions there, miraculously remained intact. It was hardly accidental that the postwar government of Germany, the Allied Military Government, also established its offices in the I.G. Farben building. This administration was headed by General Lucius Clay, who later became a partner of Lehman Brothers. What the doughboys also didn’t know was that the Secretary of War, Robert P. Patterson, was a Rockefeller lawyer. He was appointed by President Roosevelt fresh out of Dillon, Read, and Company. The Dillon-Read company not only is a Rockefeller subsidiary but was the banking house that funded German IG Farben and tended to the commercial details of forming the American “cover-up” firm for the German chemical cartel.

In medicine, the Rockefeller cartel continues protected in its Medical Monopoly. Its control of the cancer industry is going through the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  All of the major drug firms are funded and, each by its executive from Chase Manhattan Bank, the Standard Oil Company or other Rockefeller firms. The American College of Surgeons keeps control of hospitals through the powerful Hospital Survey Committee, with members appointed by and for representing the Rockefeller control. On the other side of the Atlantic, it was the same thing.

BASF SE (Germany) – The largest chemical company in the whole world! In 2020 had a turnover of 60 billion euros.

Bayer I.G. (Germany)  – One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Started as a dye company and consolidated into IG Farben in 1881.

Hoechst AG (Germany) – one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, now Sanofi–Aventis;

Sanofi–Aventis – (France), created by a merger in 2004 between Aventis(1999 merger of Rhone-Poulenc and Hoechst AG (IG Farben)) and Sanofi;

Wyeth – (USA) In 2002 was renamed from Sterling Drug Inc. (the American subsidiary of IG Farben) then merged with Pfizer in 2009.

Pfizer – (USA), Established in 1849 in New York. Bought out Warner-Lambert, Parke-Davis, Upjohn, Pharmacia (Monsanto), and Wyeth (the American subsidiary of IG Farben).

Agfa-Gevaert N.V. (Agfa) supplies hospitals and other care organizations with imaging products and systems, as well as information systems and industrial inkjet systems to the printing and graphics industries. Agfa-Gevaert’s commerce today is 100% business-to-business.


Passages selected from a book: “Go Vegan? Review of Science: Part 2” [Milos Pokimica]

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