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The tale of Big Pharma- Rockefeller monopoly

by Milos Pokimica ND

by Milos Pokimica ND

Learn About Nutrition

"Rockefeller monopoly on medicine and chemical industries came into fulfillment after WW2. Plan was to make medicine mandatory and use the state as an enforcer."

Was Rockefeller fully independent as a capitalist individual or did he became an agent of a larger banking cartel from Europe?

Rockefeller as a successful man that did everything in the line of Social Darwinism without any regrets obsessed by greed obscures the fact that from day one the Rockefellers began advancing towards a complete oil monopoly in the United States with almost the unlimited funding that came from the National City Bank of Cleveland. The question is how much of the Rockefeller wealth may be attributed to old John ruthlessness because the National City Bank of Cleveland, was recognized in Congressional reports as one of the three Rothschild banks in the U.S.

Rockefeller had support and the supervision of Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Company who had been born in the Rothschild house in Frankfort. He was Rothschild’s main representative in the U.S. With the seed money of unlimited amounts from the National City Bank of Cleveland, John D. Rockefeller soon laid claim to the title of “the most ruthless American” but with full unlimited funding from old ruling monopolist from Europe. Rothschild had back him but to what extent I could not tell. Was he just an agent or he was a form of partner at the end is not relevant to us.

The world financial structure, on the other hand, cannot be a hidden organization, like other policies. First on the list are the major Swiss Banks. These are not ordinary banks but survivors of the old Venetian-Genoese banking elite. Then there is the British combine with a center in the bank of England. From a bank of England, it operates to control merchant banks through Rothschild’s and the Oppenheimer’s and to hold full power over their Canadian territory through the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal. The Bank of England establishes colonial banking constructions in the United States through the Federal Reserve System. The Boston Brahmin families who made their wealth in the opium trade, the Delanos, Kissinger network headquartered in the Rockefeller Bank, American Express, Chase Manhattan Bank represent a form of the old Rothschild representatives in the United States, which includes Kuhn, Loeb Company, and Lehman Brothers. Then there is also the world’s great five of grain trade that controls food distribution. But this is too complex to analyze and would need a couple of articles just to scratch the surface of this entire oligarchy.

In the case of the new emerging chemical industry, the part of Rockefeller monopoly on medicine and chemical industries came into fulfillment after WW2. And this is on a global scale, not just the US. Rockefeller and Rothschild’s cooperation made this into reality. On the other side of the Atlantic, the international drug and chemical cartel, I.G. Farben, called “a state within a state” was created in 1925 as Interessen Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie Aktien Gesellschaft, usually known as I.G. Farben, which simply meant “The Cartel.” IG Farben had an absolute monopoly in manufacturing all of the chemical products all the way to WW2. After the war, it was merged with Rockefeller companies into one single global cartel that controls the chemical industry globally.

IG Farben
In a picture, you can see the concentration camp constructed for the I.G. Farben Monowitz, and below the camp the headquarters of the I.G. Farben intact by war and the American bombs (not by accident).

After November 1910, when Senator Nelson Aldrich chaired the secretive conference at Jekyll Island which gave rise to the Federal Reserve Act, the Rockefellers have kept the US inside the circle of the London Connection. After all of the consolidation, the now global medical industry cartel had been created. As planned. One monopoly of one medical and chemical industry that is part of a larger cartel of global international banking and financial system, military, and other industry’s, consolidated into one controlling factor of enormous proportions that undermined the democratic process at the governmental level and undermined judiciary and everything else that can be undermined. And not just in the U.S. but on the global scale. Just not publicly but secretively. This system does not want you to learn for example the history of the creation of Big Pharma because they want you to watch the mainstream media and be good in school and go with the line. Government is there to protect you. Wars are there for peace and doctors are there to care for your health and the health of your children.

If you make your opinion or assumption that some of the diagnosis or the treatment might not be valid to highly titled and highly ranked medical professional (professor, specialist, scientific researcher or adviser, and so on), his psychological makeup will perceive it not just as a personal attack but an attack on the entire of the science of medicine that backs him up. It is the medical branch that has authority just by itself to determent what health is and anything else to do with it. So when a doctor says something related to health any layman’s opinion has no merit. From my personal experience that the level of anger they can experience is high when I with my uneducated background begin to contradict the diagnosis and treatments and usually I am right and have in some cases more insight than them, and that is severely psychologically disturbing for some reason for their entire profession. Why? Because the doctors are educated to the highest standards, and we are not. They had spent six years just in college in learning, and we are not. They spend time in conventions and constantly learning to keep in touch with science, and we are not. And of course, it is widely known how much medicine is a scientific field. Not everyone can do medicine. Only verified and educated person and that is it. Period.

Do you have a problem with that? Well, there is the World Health Organization to make sure that you do not. It is exactly these two things that capitalism has brought into medicine: certification and qualification. The only question is who was the one that made the entire system of qualification (education) or in other words the license or approval to some individual to do medicine. It is exactly what Rockefeller and his chemical-pharmaceutical cartel did. It is exactly what was systematically designed and pushed by a cartel from the beginning of the 20th century with the finish after WW2 when medicine was socialized as a system of mass health care on the governmental level with include also the system of preventive medicine as well. And all of this is mandatory and in control of the state.

Today your health and wellbeing are a concern of the state not your own. You are to do what state, school, and media tell you to do and be a good citizen. It is a necessary mechanism (the law) however there is one big secret and that is that the state works with Big Pharma behind your back, so Big Pharma is the one that is in charge and makes all the money out of it. That was the Rockefeller plan all along. To use the state as an enforcer.

They passed different laws one in 1939 known as:  “The Wagner National Health Act.”  

They used Robert Ferdinand Wagner, a Rothschild agent from Germany to do so. Senator Wagner’s bill, the National Health Act of 1939, provided overall support for a public health plan to be financed by federal grants to states and administered by states and localities. The Wagner Bill grew and turned from a proposal for federal grants-in-aid to a program for public health insurance. Originally launched in 1943, it shifted to Wagner-Murray- Dingell Bill. The bill asked for mandatory national health insurance and a payroll tax.

The compulsory insurance. Exactly what they wanted the whole time. Resistance to this bill was gigantic, and the opponents started a brutal red-baiting assault on the board stating that one of its key policy analysts, I.S. Falk, was a conduit between the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Switzerland and the United States government. The ILO was red-baited as “an awesome political machine bent on world domination.”

Although the Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill generated extensive national debates, with the intensified opposition, the bill never passed by Congress despite its reintroduction every session for 14 years!

Had it passed, the Act would have established compulsory national health insurance funded by payroll taxes. You need to understand that the state is there as a smokescreen and enforcer of the secret agenda that is behind all of this, the agenda that you are not supposed to know or see. It has been done in most of the globe and industry still is going to push for more control. Your life is not yours. Your life is theirs. It is in the hands of certified individuals. Visits to the doctor’s office have become something normal and mandatory in the life of every modern human being. People are indoctrinated into the belief that without the supervision of the doctors and checkups and vaccines and drugs we would all die or be deformed and that evading regular checkups is something primitive and dangerous. There is no life without the doctor’s supervision, and the sad thing about it is that life is actually not their business at all. Quite the opposite.

Doctors were transformed into factory workers. By the new Rockefeller laws, they were employed and paid by the state. They were to do their eight-hour shift and get their pay no matter if they actually heal someone or not or if a patient died at their hands. By these new laws, doctors were practically removed from the patients and put into the industry’s hands because they did not have any interest anymore to help anyone because they have their pay one way or the other. There are going to have the interest to not lose that pay by disobeying the industry guidelines and do things that are outside of prescribing drugs and surgery. And the pay was good. Doctors annual income begun to rise dramatically and they had become the elite profession with them becoming part of a middle and upper class. In past times that was not the case.

However, we do not need to worry. If we just have any doubts, the governmental website Open Payments Data allows us to completely comprehend the economic connection between doctors and pharmaceutical companies in the United States. It does not need a high level of comprehension to understand what this is (emotional manipulation to ease your mind, marketing and propaganda by the government to get you back into the line), especially because it is rather a mystery that pharmaceutical corporations basically buy out the medical industry.

It is unlikely that your physician created the prevailing composition of the medical industry. Your physician may not even know the complexity of the pharmaceutical industry. Arnold Relman, Harvard Professor and former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine described the situation flawlessly when he wrote:

“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine but also in terms of teaching and research…The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it is disgraceful.”


Passages selected from a book: “Go Vegan? Review of Science: Part 2” [Milos Pokimica]

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October 21, 2021


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