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EMF radiation (electromagnetic radiation) exposure- Does 5G pose health risks?

by Milos Pokimica ND

by Milos Pokimica ND

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"Man-made sources of EMF radiation provide continuous low-level radiation. The situation can only get worse."

Man-made sources of EMF radiation such as power lines, mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi routers, TVs, microwave ovens, radar, and radio transmitters provide continuous low-level radiation.

Ants circling around mobile phone
Ants circling around mobile phone

Electromagnetic pollution is a by-product of our modern technologically driven environment, and so far there is no reliable option for any form of protection. The situation can only get worse. The environment is already too saturated and overcrowded by the electromagnetic spectrum from all kinds of different technology used.

Electromagnetic spectrum
Electromagnetic spectrum

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – the research arm of WHO – classifies extremely low-frequency magnetic fields as Group 2B human carcinogen. What do you think about how much of the low electromagnetic wave energy is pulsing right thru you as we speak? Sweden lists electromagnetic fields as class 2 carcinogens. Tobacco is a class 2 carcinogen too. That will be all of the cell towers, satellites, and other military equipment, the broadcast signals, and all of our home appliances. Type 2 carcinogen.

The opinions of researchers about the influence of electromagnetic pollution on living organisms are divided. In 20 years from 1980 to 2002 around 200 epidemiological types of research were written regarding the impacts of electromagnetic fields produced by power transmission lines on human beings and what is the conclusion? Well, there isn’t one. Someone is trying to hide the truth very efficiently.

About 60% of studies done have found no negative correlation and no adverse effects, but 40% reported some smaller or more significant adverse effects caused. Mix results from the studies resulted in fear from lawsuits. Many of the companies themselves have resorted by their own funds to start locating power lines underground, rerouting them, and redesigning products (electric appliances and computer monitors) to minimize EMF exposure.

However, again there was corruption involved in the conducting of these studies. In the U.S. most of the studies were funded by big businesses by themselves meaning electric power generation, transmission, and sales industries and almost all of them found no correlation. Only semi-independent studies were funded in Europe by some governmental agencies and universities, and most of these European studies conclude that long-term exposure to a high level of EMF radiation is associated with a broad assortment of health issues and should be avoided. Electromagnetic pollution is so prevalent in our modern world that there are no safe zones from it and there is no solution to it even if proven to be hazardous.

The human body is made up of minerals, ions, and water and it is just one big antenna. It is a strong conductor of energy, and it picks up energy from the ether. There are molecules in our body that do have an electric charge to them, and that charge is what makes them do their job. Mostly hormones and especially some of the enzymes can be most affected by EMF exposure because they depend on their charge to do their job in the body. Proteins also use the electrostatic interaction between different amino acids to take their exact shape. If EMF exposure is strong enough to disturb even one of these electrostatic interactions in the proteins, the result is a non-functional enzyme/hormone and a disrupted metabolic process.

This statement is not just some bro-science advice, and it is proven with different types of experiments that strong EMF fields do disrupt some hormones and some enzymes that are more prone to it. Strong EMF exposure health results are reduced immune function, increased stress response (hormonal), altered gene expression, disruption in melatonin production (sleep-regulating hormone), and DNA damage. As troubling as these potential health effects are the worst is yet to come.

Our entire brain is nothing more than an EMF machine. Different militaries had even studied EMF exposure to the brain for a long time. Different frequency EMF exposure has the potential to affect our nervous system function and that is what worries me the most. Our nervous system is fundamentally an electrical one, so the potential for disruption by EMF’s is significant.

In some regular circumstances sleep disruption has been correlated with EMF. Some individuals are more hypersensitive to low-frequency EMFs than others. They can experience symptoms like a weakened immune system, chronic fatigue with loss of energy inability to concentrate, irritability, headaches, and so on. The worst thing of all is that rarely any medical doctor will ever correlate these with EMF radiation exposure sensitivity. Most MD today think of EMF as a heating of the brain problem with our mobile phone kind of a deal. And that is a problem also. Even if you are not hypersensitive and are just regular individual studies showed that this low-level exposure forces the body to produce heat stress proteins in the brain, a form of temporary protective measure that is harmful if this stress response of microwaving our brain is chronic.

mobile phone heating face

Electro-proofing your house or reducing your EMF exposure as it fits into your budget as a precaution is a reasonable idea if you live close to the cell towers or other strong EMF fields. Avoiding EMFs is the first step, like putting Wi-Fi out of the bedroom and if you talk on the cell phone for an extended period getting the earplugs is a good idea too.

RF Shielding Foil
RF Shielding Foil

In nature, we will be running barefoot so any form of EMF will not affect us. Today we wear isolating shoes and can accumulate so much charge. Sometimes usually in winter when the air is dry, we can get static electricity discharge from fingers when we touch something. In the normal condition for any animal that lives on this planet, grounding is a nonstop deal because all animals walk barefoot. Well, all instead of humans. So you need to do a natural thing and ground yourself.

red blood cells and emf exposure
The blood cells on the left are “sticky” prior to earthing. After two hours of grounding, blood cells are “flowing freely”

Grounding is the process of using direct contact with the earth to disperse any electromagnetic pollution that had accumulated in your body. Just one touch in one millisecond will discharge you of all static electricity that you have accumulated. When you walk barefoot like any other animal, you absorb all of the free electrons from the Earth into your body that spread throughout your tissues. The procedure of touching the earth is sufficient to preserve your body at the same negatively-charged electrical potential that the Earth as a planet itself has. You can try to ground some of the stuff in your home like mats for example. Will this have any benefit on your health, I do not know. There is no consensus in the scientific field. It could stop the adverse effects of EMF if there are any. 

grounding mat for pets
Grounding met for pets.

A constant state of our body’s positive static charge in our modern environment is real, and you can test this on yourself. The only question is, does this unnatural charge doing us any real harm? With conflicting studies, it might be a good idea to protect yourself “just in case”. Lead in the paint, for example, was considered safe in the past and there was no problem with asbestos too. Lead paint was seductive to children. The greatest danger was for small children who can put lead or lick lead-painted objects because they tasted sweet.

External extremely low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields induce electric fields and currents inside the body which can cause nerve and muscle stimulation and changes in nerve cell excitability in the central nervous system. In non-scientific terms, extremely low EMF frequencies had the potential to resonate with a human brain if they have the same frequency in which our brain operates and that is not a nice “Hollywood style” telepathy. It is, and I will say it in this way “problematic” because there were development programs in the Soviet Union and the US as well for the use of this kind of resonance technology in military applications. Was this kind of military program development successful I do not know. Tease technologies are under the stamp of classified information. My suggestion is that you do not self-experiment with God Helmet and similar devices that can be found on the market and wrapping your head in tinfoil just looks silly and doesn’t even work. Even if not weaponized, sometimes we can find unexpected correlations.

god helmet
Neurologist Michael Persinger created the God Helmet. it was an actual helmet modified with electrical coils that can create electromagnetic fields in the wearer’s temporal lobes. This stimulation will then induce “religious” experiences in the people who put it on. “This is a device to investigate whether religious, spiritual, and mystical experiences had a natural rather than a supernatural source. He speculates that we are somehow programmed so that they can generate religious experiences via our brain’s internal processes.”

As an example, most breast tumors become resistant to tamoxifen (Nolvadex), and it has been shown that ELF-EMF reduces the efficacy of tamoxifen in a manner similar to tamoxifen resistance. By exposing breast cancer cells in line MCF-7 to ELF-EMF fields, these ELF-EMF will alter the expression of estrogen receptor cofactors, which will then result in tamoxifen resistance in vivo.

The most recent concern was raised about 5g networks and their possibility to affect health. 5g is a form of technology that uses most of the range of the entire Radio Frequency (RF) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  There are two parts of  Radio Frequency (RF) the “Radio waves” and “Microwaves”. The “Radio waves” part is part that includes sonar and AM & FM radio and the Microwave part includes 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular networks, US Military crowd control weapons, airport scanners, microwave ovens.

Because there is a need to increase a data flow there is a need to use a broad spectrum of microwave radiation and to increase a frequency therefore the 5G has to emit “ultra-high frequencies” to be able to be faster than 4G. The higher the frequency, the shorter the length of each wave, the shorter the length of each wave shorter the distance they travel before dissipating and get obstructed easier. The only solution is to build a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 blocks and this would dramatically increase EMF radiation exposure.

The second problem is and maybe even bigger one is that the higher the frequency the more dangerous the waves are to living organisms. A microwave oven cooks your food using the 2.45 GHz frequency. 4G uses between 1 GHz and 6 GHz. The most common explanation for why these types of radiations are not dangerous is and this is what is explained by any government website is that since Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation is a “non-ionizing” form of electromagnetic radiation, there is no way it could be harmful to us. 5G is expected to use from around 24 GHz all the way up to 300 GHz. The real reason why this doesn’t affect us is that the power of radiation is at a much lower level. To prove this and to prove that these radiations do affect us as same as any microwave oven there was a line of studies that showed that the brain does get heated up and that there is a creation of special types of proteins in the brain that as a heat response and defense mechanism in mobile phone usage. The conclusion was that people that use mobile phones for extended periods of time should use earbuds. Just to prove a heating case without any further discussion I would give an example of the US Military’s crowd control weapon system based on microwave technology called the “Active Denial System”. It scatters big groups of people in crowds by heating up their internal organs and skin until they cannot take it anymore and runaway. It uses the regular “non-ionizing” 5G frequency that regular mobile phones use. The system uses the 95 GHz 5G frequency. This frequency is well below the 300 GHz frequency that 5G devices can use.  The only difference is that the power output of these defense weapon systems is hundreds of times much more potent and concentrated to a single point.

military emf weapon

Because this topic has a lot of conflicting scientific data I will use citations from Published Peer-Reviewed Articles only so that we can have some sort of understanding of how things are regarding EMF exposure risks.

“In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reviewed the published literature and categorized RFR as a “possible” (Group 2B) human carcinogen. In addition, three large-scale carcinogenicity studies in rodents exposed to levels of RFR that mimic lifetime human exposures have shown significantly increased rates of Schwannomas and malignant gliomas, as well as chromosomal DNA damage. Of particular concern are the effects of radio-frequency radiation (RFR) exposure on the developing brain in children. Compared with an adult male, a cell phone held against the head of a child exposes deeper brain structures to greater radiation doses per unit volume, and the young, thin skull’s bone marrow absorbs a roughly 10-fold higher local dose. Experimental and observational studies also suggest that men who keep cell phones in their trouser pockets have significantly lower sperm counts and significantly impaired sperm motility and morphology, including mitochondrial DNA damage. Based on the accumulated evidence, we recommend that IARC re-evaluate its 2011 classification of the human carcinogenicity of RFR, and that WHO complete a systematic review of multiple other health effects such as sperm damage. In the interim, current knowledge provides justification for governments, public health authorities, and physicians/allied health professionals to warn the population that having a cell phone next to the body is harmful, and to support measures to reduce all exposures to RFR.”   (3)

“EMF-induced alterations in cellular levels can activate voltage-gated calcium channels and lead to the formation of free radicals, protein misfolding and DNA damage. Because rapidly dividing germ cells go through meiosis and mitosis, they are more sensitive to EMF in contrast to other slower-growing cell types.

Long-term exposure to EMF decreases sperm motility and fertilization.

Effects of EMF emitted from mobile phones are related to protein synthesis.

Oxidative stress based EMF exposure modulates nitric oxide level in the germ cells.

Oxidative stress based EMF exposure inhibits antioxidant mechanisms in the germ cells.”  (4)

“The current literature reveals that mobile phones can affect cellular functions via non-thermal effects. Studies regarding the genotoxic effects of EMF have generally focused on DNA damage. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) causes an imbalance between pro-oxidant and antioxidant mechanisms. EMF increases reactive oxygen species production. Possible mechanisms are related to ROS formation due to oxidative stress. EMF increases ROS production by enhancing the activity of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) oxidase in the cell membrane.”   (5)

“Significant Purkinje cell loss was found in the cerebellum of EMF group compared to the other (p < 0.01). EMF + Mel and EMF + ω3 showed the same protection compared to the Cont (p > 0.05). We find an important and significant decline in the EMF exposed groups in general, especially after 15 days of regular applications. In addition, many studies have shown a cell loss in the hippocampus, DG, and cerebellum because of being exposed to a 900 MHz EMF for an hour every day for 15 days of period. Our study has importantly found neuroprotective effects of Mel and ω3 based on the antioxidant defense system as evidenced through histological and biochemical analyses. Thus, consistent with a number of previous investigations our study finds that EMF from mobile phones induces degenerative effects on neurons of critical components of the brain and that Melatonin and ω3 separately provide important neuroprotective effects against these damaging impacts through increasing antioxidants.” (6)

“The SAR for a 10-year old is up to 153% higher than the SAR for the SAM model. When electrical properties are considered, a child’s head’s absorption can be over two times greater, and absorption of the skull’s bone marrow can be ten times greater than adults.”  (7)

“Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) inhibit the formation and differentiation of neural stem cells during embryonic development. The results showed that prenatal EMF exposure caused a decrease in the number of granule cells in the dentate gyrus of the rats (P<0.01). This suggests that prenatal exposure to a 900 MHz EMF affects the development of the dentate gyrus granule cells in the rat hippocampus. Cell loss might be caused by an inhibition of granule cell neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus.”  (8)

““We conclude that radiofrequency fields should be classified as a Group 2A ̔probable̓ human carcinogen under the criteria used by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (Lyon, France). Additional data should be gathered on exposures to mobile and cordless phones, other WTDs, mobile phone base stations, and Wi‑Fi routers to evaluate their impact on public health. We advise that the as low as reasonable achievable (ALARA) principle be adopted for uses of this technology, while a major cross‑disciplinary effort is generated to train researchers in bioelectromagnetics and provide monitoring of potential health impacts of RF‑EMF.”  (9)

“Mobile telephones and their base stations are an important ultra-high frequency-electromagnetic field (UHF-EMF) source and their utilization is increasing all over the world. Epidemiological studies suggested that low energy UHF-EMF emitted from a cellular telephone may cause biological effects, such as DNA damage and changes on oxidative metabolism. An in vivo mammalian cytogenetic test, the micronucleus (MN) assay, was used to investigate the occurrence of chromosomal damage in erythrocytes from rat offspring exposed to a non-thermal UHF-EMF from a cellular phone during their embryogenesis; the irradiated group showed a significant increase in MN occurrence. In order to investigate if UHF-EMF could also alter oxidative parameters in the peripheral blood and in the liver – an important hematopoietic tissue in rat embryos and newborns – we also measured the activity of antioxidant enzymes, quantified total sulfhydryl content, protein carbonyl groups, thiobarbituric acid-reactive species, and total non-enzymatic antioxidant defense. No significant differences were found in any oxidative parameter of offspring blood and liver. The average number of pups in each litter has also not been significantly altered. Our results suggest that, under our experimental conditions, UHF-EMF is able to induce a genotoxic response in hematopoietic tissue during the embryogenesis through an unknown mechanism.”  (10)

Keep in mind that in this study genotoxic effect from ultra-high frequency-electromagnetic field source was 3G cellular phone network from 2006.

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October 21, 2021


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