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ミロス ポキミカ

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医学的に検証した結果 Xiùying Wáng, M.D. 博士。

Updated 6月 9, 2023


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GoVeganWay.com brings you reviews of the latest nutrition and health-related research. The information provided represents the personal opinion of the author and is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.
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ミロス・ポキミカは、自然医学の医師、臨床栄養士、医療健康と栄養のライター、栄養科学アドバイザーです。書籍シリーズの著者 ビーガンに行きますか?科学の復習また、自然健康サイト「GoVeganWay.com」を運営している。

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  • Can preeclampsia be prevented?
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    Scientists are testing a novel technology to treat endodontic diseases more effectively through tissue regeneration instead of root canal therapy. Because the technology promotes formation of the type of stem cells that can differentiate into dentin (tooth), bone, cartilage or fat, it has huge potential for the field of regenerative medicine beyond the tissues in the teeth. It could be used to grow bones in other parts of the body.

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    A simple-to-apply, needle-free vaccine patch is being developed to protect people from the potentially deadly mosquito-borne Zika virus.

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    Researchers at ETH Zurich have created a material traversed by a network of channels the size of micrometres in the same way as the microstructure of a bird’s feather. To do so they have developed a new method based on the phase separation of a polymer matrix and an oily solution. The new material could be used in batteries or filtration.

  • Why reading nursery rhymes and singing to babies may help them to learn language
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    Phonetic information — the smallest sound elements of speech — may not be the basis of language learning in babies as previously thought. Babies don’t begin to process phonetic information reliably until seven months old — which researchers say is too late to form the foundation of language. Instead, babies learn from rhythmic information — the changing emphasis of syllables in speech — which unlike phonetic information, can be heard in the womb.

パブメッド、 #ビーガンダイエット
  • A microalgae docosahexaenoic acid supplement does not modify the influence of sex and diet on iron status in Spanish vegetarians or omnivores: A randomized placebo-controlled crossover study
    on 12月 2, 2023

    CONCLUSIONS: Spanish vegetarians had lower iron status than omnivores. Consumption of eggs and dairy products increased the risk for iron deficiency, but a microalgae DHA supplement had no effect. Dietary strategies to increase iron bioavailability in vegetarians, particularly in lacto-ovo vegetarians and women, are recommended.

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    Veganism, a way of eating that forbids goods produced from animals, is rising in acceptance around the globe. This thorough analysis investigates how a vegan diet affects fetal growth during pregnancy, highlighting the need to maintain ideal maternal nutrition. The idea of “early life programming” emphasizes how a pregnant woman’s lifestyle impacts her unborn child’s health. Nutrient consumption during pregnancy makes it essential to have a healthy eating routine. While a carefully […]

  • Plant-based recovery from restrictive eating disorder: A qualitative enquiry
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関連する肥満の危険因子は何ですか? 私たちを除く地球上のすべての生命にとって、食べ物は選択の余地がありません。

牛乳 糖尿病

A1 牛乳: 糖尿病、自閉症、心臓病

疫学的証拠は、α1 ベータカゼインバリアントを含む A1 ミルクが、小児の 1 型糖尿病、成人の自閉症、および心臓病の発症における危険因子である可能性があることを示唆しています。

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