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Longevity- The rate of living theory

Longevity- The rate of living theory

What happens when our regular metabolism burns energy for life? Some of that energy escapes and does damage to DNA. The higher the metabolism, the higher the damage, and the higher the division. Every time a cell divide it clips the telomere in half.

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Acrylamide exposure- Chips, fries, and cancer

Acrylamide exposure- Chips, fries, and cancer

In the US acrylamide is classified as a Group 2A carcinogen and as an extremely hazardous substance. In 2002 it was discovered in extremely high concentrations in potato chips and French fries. The concentrations were so high that these two types of food would be banned for children in any normal circumstances.

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Meat Cancer and Mutagen, all in one bite

Meat Cancer and Mutagen, all in one bite

There is no known animal in nature except modern humans that grills meat. When we heat amino acids (building blocks of protein) in the presence of creatine and monosaccharide sugars, they have a reaction and amino acids lose their molecular form. Our body does not recognize them as different, and this causes mutations to DNA.

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Obesity Risk Factors

Obesity Risk Factors

What are the risk factors associated with obesity? Animals eat impulsively because they are conditioned to do it for survival. For all life on the planet Earth, food is not a choice. It is a daytime job of survival. The hardest thing for an animal in the wilderness is to gain weight. Hardest thing for us is to lose it.

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Hunger- Just a normal “emotion”

Hunger- Just a normal “emotion”

For our entire evolution, we were like any other species on this planet in constant search of food. We were not obese but in a state of constant hunger and constant physical activity. This was the case for all of our ancestor species and that means the time period of 50 million years. The feeling of constant fullness, on the other hand, is not natural, and it is an example of maladaptation.

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Adventist Health Study- The vegan argument

Adventist Health Study- The vegan argument

Seventh-day Adventists have a measurable lower risk than other Americans for most of the Western diseases. For last 100 years the Seventh-day Adventist Church had been promoting health behaviors that have become the regular part of daily living. These include not sming, eating a plant-based diet, regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Over the past 40 years, two Adventist health studies have been conducted involving 22,940 and 34,000 Californian Adventists.

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