The Widowmaker Movie short version – now with SUBTITLES included for German, Spanish, French, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Afrikaans, Brazilian/Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Serbian, Estonian, English and Thai – with many other languages on the way. So no matter what your nationality, you can Know your Score. And take action – before it’s too late.

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True, many of you LCHF and Keto-knowledgeable peeps may already be doing the right stuff to prevent progression – that’s super. But what about the other 99% of people in the world, who have no clue of the correct nutritional interventions for heart disease? Who are racking up calcium unknowingly, while munching their “healthy wholegrains”? They are entitled to that wake-up call – please share so these people with hidden heart disease can take action. They will come to realize that they’ve been scammed through decades of bad nutritional advice. Then they will search and find the correct solutions, understanding that something huge was amiss and the “system” essentially failed them. Heart disease can be managed and progression halted – but first you need to know if you have it.
Video on reversing calcification here:

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