Here’s the table of contents:

Part 1 – Why Protein & Animal Products Matter for Fitness & Health

1:51 Protein & fitness
3:30 Protein & health
5:03 Amino-acid profile difference between animal protein and plant protein
6:34 Digestibility difference between animal protein and plant protein
7:34 Meat’s role in human evolution
9:41 Health risks associated with meat consumption

Part 2 – The Costs of High Meat Consumption

11:09 Short recap of part 1
11:58 The problems with our diet being the example for lifestyle and health
15:15 The environmental impacts of meat production
17:57 We need a different motivation

Part 3 – We Are the Example

19:40 How our behavior shapes the world
22:28 The future based on our current course of action

Part 4 – Creating a Better Food System

24:09 The benefits of veganism
26:16 The limitations of global veganism
28:26 Why people refuse veganism
32:43 Getting people to switch to a plant based diet (the right way)
35:42 Is cultured meat the answer?
39:22 My opinion

Part 5 – What We Can do to Promote a Lower Consumption of Meat

40:47 Why companies don’t care about the environment
41:49 The benefits of a carbon tax
43:38 What I think we should do

Part 6 – How to Get Proper Nutrition While Eating Less Meat

45:00 How much meat can we eat per week?
45:20 Free Meal Plans
45:43 Supplement recommendations for a low meat diet
47:00 Recommended resources & Further reading



Thanks a lot for watching! If you enjoyed this video please share it with your friends. I want this information to reach as many people as possible. Climate change is a very real problem but most of us don’t know how to do something about it. Changing your diet is the simplest and most significant thing you can do to make your contribution.