Black cows (most of the Western World’s dairy herd – Holsteins, etc) have a curious, single amino acid substitution in their casein protein. That leads to them producing a 7 amino acid fragment human’s cannot digest, and again, curiously activates your immune system. You can block the effect with Narcan. Hmmm. Thank goodness for curious minds in New Zealand, that has now bred the A1 gene out of their herd. The use of A1 milk, cheese, yogurt or whatever can be the single most dangerous food you eat. It may be the reason you develop Type 1 Diabetes and a whole lot more. You need to understand this topic! Don’t let your children drink A1 milk, not with many types of A2 now on the market. New Zealand has bet on it, and they are right! (Better yet, read the book of the same Title. It’s like a medical murder mystery. Thank you Keith Woodford)