Learn how to make beet kvass at home. All you need are beets, salt and water…and maybe some rosemary and caraway to spice it up. Fermenting foods is an ancient way to preserve the bounty of harvest season. This delicious drink is loaded with probiotics, and delicious on its own, but you can use it to flavor pasta, in dressings and as an addition to borscht. Don’t throw out the beets, use them in salad, soup or as a snack.

3-6 beets per gallon (3.5 liters)/1 tablespoon sea salt/enough water* to cover

Chop your beets finely, but don’t blend or grate them. Place your beets (include the greens if you like) in a container; add salt and herbs if using. Cover with water. Tie a piece of cotton cloth over the top to allow the kvass to breath. Let it sit (away from sunlight) for 10 days to 2 months, depending upon the temperature in your kitchen, the size of your batch and your own tastes.

If you see a filmy substance, skim it off and wipe down the rim. Remove any mold.