The underlying cause of Type 2 Diabetes is gravely misunderstood. This video gleans knowledge from around 20 studies to fully document how animal fat is the root cause of diabetes through insulin resistance.

– Links and Sources –

CDC Diabetes Facts:

Adventist Vegans Lower Risk of Diabetes:

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Compilation of Higher Vegan Carb Intake Research:  

McDougall’s Kempner Rice Diet Resource: 

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“Skeletal muscle takes up plasma free fatty acids (FFAs) by passive diffusion…” 

Intramyocellular Lipids linked to Insulin Resistance – Adults and Children:

“increased levels of plasma lipids…are causally involved in IR”

Toxic State quote:  

Intramyocellular Lipids greate predictor than body fat:

Prediabetics 3.5x the Intramyocellular Lipids:  

Images of Pig Cells:  

Ceramides Study 1: 

Ceramides Study 2:

“These studies and others suggest that lipid overload with saturated FAs preferentially induces ceramide-mediated IR.”

Sat fat intake = 2x risk of diabetes: 

Sat fat more metabolically harmful than simple sugar:

Plant-based diets lower insulin resistance quote:  

Vegans 31% lower intramyocellular lipids:

Palmitic Acids Levels in Foods:  

LDL causal to atherosclerosis – European 2016:

Low carb Diet Mortality:

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