This video explores a highly compelling cause of ALS, how it may have given Lou Gehrig himself ALS, and how the ALS Association is ignoring it all.

Guam ALS Data, BMAA Brain Tissue Number, etc.:

BMAA in Flying Foxes Study:

BMAA & cyanobacteria:

Animal Feeding Studies of BMAA:

BMAA Kills Motor Neurons:

BMAA Leads to MIsfolding of Proteins:

More BMAA in Hair of ALS Patients:

BMAA in Canadian ALS Brains, not Huntingtons:;jsessionid=04D1F42F155AA5A5C2CEFCB0AB4EE672.f02t01

Florida Seafood BMAA Study:

Lou Gehrig’s PIckled Eels News Clip:

ALS Clusters:

ALS Cluster in Maryland and Crabs:

Wisconsin ALS Cluster and Lake Michigan Fish:

Oceania Report on Mislabeled Fish:

Cornell – over half of grain in US fed to livestock:

BMAA in Shark Fins and “…it may be prudent to limit exposure of BMAA in the human diet.”:

95% of Persistent Organic Pollutants are from animal fat: