John from shares with you why he is no longer 100% raw vegan, and now eats some cooked foods to supplement his raw food diet to make it even healthier.

In this episode, you will learn the specific reasons why John decided after 26 years of eating a raw vegan diet to include small amounts of cooked plant foods to make his diet better to meet his health goals.

You will learn the 3 reasons he supplements his raw food diet with some specific cooked foods to increase his level of health. You will learn the healthiest plant foods you can cook and add to your diet.

You will discover the ONLY way John likes to heat process his food using an instant pot and does not eat out at restaurants, still does not eat processed foods, and does not canned foods, as well as not eating processed vegan junk food.

You will learn the specific reasons that John currently cooks and eats very few foods to better his diet that have been shown to have health benefits.

You will discover why he eats a nutritarian aka nutrient-dense diet that includes as many high nutrient foods that have the lowest level of calories.

After watching this episode, you will why John is now adding some cooked foods into his predominantly raw food vegan diet to better his health and microbiome.

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